Company formation in Liechtenstein

Regulated United Europe, we specialize in guiding clients through the intricacies of company formation in Liechtenstein.

Known for its political stability, advantageous tax regime, and privacy laws, Liechtenstein offers a favourable environment for business incorporation.

Our expert team is dedicated to making the process seamless and efficient, ensuring your venture in Liechtenstein gets off to a solid start.

Company formation assistance in Liechtenstein

19,000 EUR
  • Company name verification and reservation
  • Registration of the company with the local tax authorities
  • Appointment of an auditing authority
  • Appointment of a legal representative for the company
  • Registration of the authorized capital of the company
  • Assistance in opening a corporate bank account
  • Free legal consultation
  • Legal address for 1 (one) year
  • Remote company registration with transfer of authority

Open business in Liechtenstein


Prestige and worldwide recognition of the jurisdiction

Confidentiality of company shareholder data

Low Corporate Tax Rates

Access to the European Economic Area (EEA)

Why Choose Regulated United Europe for Your Liechtenstein Venture?

  • Expert Guidance: Our team of legal experts has extensive knowledge and experience in Liechtenstein’s corporate laws and regulations.
  • Personalised Approach: We offer tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of your business.
  • Efficient Service: Our streamlined process ensures quick and hassle-free company formation.
  • Ongoing Support: From incorporation to day-to-day operations, we provide ongoing legal and compliance support for your business in Liechtenstein.

Embark on your Liechtenstein business journey with Regulated United Europe. Contact us today for a detailed consultation and let us facilitate your successful company formation in one of Europe’s most business-friendly environments.

The Process of Company Formation in Liechtenstein

  1. Initial Consultation: Begin with a comprehensive consultation to understand your business needs and objectives.
  2. Choosing the Right Legal Form: Select from various business structures, such as an Aktiengesellschaft (AG) or a Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH), each with its unique benefits.
  3. Preparation of Documents: We assist in drafting and preparing all necessary documents, including articles of association and incorporation documents.
  4. Registration with the Authorities: Our team facilitates the registration of your company with the Liechtenstein Commercial Register.
  5. Bank Account Opening: We guide you through the process of opening a corporate bank account in Liechtenstein.
  6. Compliance and Legal Requirements: Ensure adherence to local laws and regulations with our expert legal advice.

Advantages of Company Formation in Liechtenstein

Establishing a company in Liechtenstein unfolds a myriad of compelling advantages, making it an enticing destination for businesses seeking a strategic foothold. At the forefront is the tax efficiency inherent in Liechtenstein’s corporate landscape. The jurisdiction boasts a highly favorable tax environment characterized by competitive corporate tax rates and a notable absence of capital gains tax. This tax-friendly atmosphere not only fosters financial savings but also positions Liechtenstein as an attractive hub for businesses aiming to optimize their fiscal structures.

Beyond tax considerations, Liechtenstein stands as a beacon of stability, both politically and economically. Its stable political climate provides a secure foundation for businesses to thrive, offering a reliable environment for long-term growth and success. Furthermore, Liechtenstein’s commitment to privacy and confidentiality in its legal framework is a significant draw. The robust legal provisions ensure a high level of protection for company owners and shareholders, fostering trust and security in business operations.

Geographically positioned between Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein serves as a strategic gateway to key European markets. This advantageous location enhances accessibility and connectivity, making it an ideal choice for businesses engaging in international activities. The adaptability of Liechtenstein’s legal framework is another notable advantage. The jurisdiction accommodates a diverse array of business needs and structures, providing flexibility for companies to tailor their operations accordingly.

In essence, Liechtenstein presents itself as a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking a favourable environment that encompasses tax advantages, stability, privacy, strategic positioning, and legal flexibility. Choosing Liechtenstein as the location for company formation is a strategic move that aligns with the aspirations of businesses aiming for sustainable growth and success on the European stage.










 Vaduz 38,387 CHF $157,755

Additionally, Liechtenstein’s commitment to innovation is evident in its support for emerging industries, including technology, finance, and green initiatives. The government actively encourages and supports innovative ventures through various funding programs, making it an attractive destination for forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

Despite its small size, Liechtenstein boasts a highly skilled and multilingual workforce. Its proximity to educational institutions in neighbouring countries ensures a steady supply of talented professionals well-versed in various fields. This resourceful talent pool provides businesses with the expertise needed to thrive in competitive markets.

Furthermore, Liechtenstein offers an exceptional quality of life, characterized by a high standard of living, excellent healthcare, and a safe environment. These factors contribute to attracting and retaining top-tier talent, essential for businesses aiming to scale and succeed in the long term.

Liechtenstein’s unique blend of economic stability, favourable business climate, strategic location, business-friendly legal framework, access to a skilled workforce, and quality of life make it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs looking to establish and expand their businesses. Its commitment to innovation and support for emerging industries further solidify its position as a prime destination for ambitious ventures seeking growth opportunities in a dynamic and thriving environment.

For entrepreneurs with a vision for success, Liechtenstein stands ready to provide the platform and resources needed to turn dreams into reality, setting the stage for a prosperous business journey in the heart of Europe.


“Renowned for its political stability, advantageous tax structure, and robust privacy laws, Liechtenstein provides an ideal setting for business incorporation. Given my specialization in this area, I am well-equipped to assist. Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.”

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To register a company in Liechtenstein, begin by selecting a suitable legal structure such as AG or GmbH. Reserve a unique business name through the Commercial Register and draft notarized Articles of Association. Deposit the required share capital and submit the documents to the Commercial Register for registration. Obtain any necessary business licenses and register for taxes. Open a corporate bank account, comply with local regulations, and consider seeking professional advice for a smooth registration process.

The timeline for registering a company in Liechtenstein can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the business structure, completeness of documentation, and the efficiency of the registration process. Generally, it may take a few weeks to a couple of months to complete the registration process. Engaging with professional advisors and ensuring that all required documents are prepared accurately can expedite the registration timeline. It's advisable to consult with local authorities or legal experts for specific and up-to-date information based on the individual circumstances of your company registration.

Yes, non-residents can register a company in Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein welcomes foreign investors and entrepreneurs to establish businesses in the country. The process for non-residents is generally similar to that for residents, and various legal structures, such as Aktiengesellschaft (AG) or Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH), are available for company formation.

For an Aktiengesellschaft (AG) in Liechtenstein, the minimum share capital is typically CHF 50,000, with at least 50% to be paid in before registration. For a Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH), the minimum share capital is usually CHF 30,000, with the same requirement of at least 50% to be paid in before registration. Note that these figures are general guidelines, and consulting with a legal professional is advisable for accurate and up-to-date information tailored to your specific situation.

Liechtenstein typically requires a physical presence for certain steps in the process of opening a bank account. However, our team of specialists will be happy to assist you and provide alternative solutions for the remote bank account opening process.

In Liechtenstein, an AG typically needs at least one shareholder and a board of three members, while a GmbH requires at least one shareholder with flexibility in the management board size.

Liechtenstein corporate taxes include a 12.5% corporate income tax rate, with exemptions for certain capital gains. There is no withholding tax on dividends, interest, or royalties. The standard VAT rate is 7.7%. Specifics may vary, so consulting with a tax professional is recommended.

Liechtenstein does not have a specific requirement for local staff members in companies registered in the country. However, the need for local staff may depend on the nature of the business, industry regulations, and specific operational requirements.

While some steps may require physical presence, recent changes may allow for more remote processes. Contact our company’s advisors for the latest information tailored to your circumstances.

Yes, companies registered in Liechtenstein are generally required to handle accounting. Proper accounting practices and financial reporting are essential for compliance with local regulations and to meet legal obligations. This includes maintaining accurate records of financial transactions, preparing financial statements, and fulfilling any reporting requirements stipulated by the Liechtenstein authorities.

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