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Crypto Licence Since 2017, we at Regulated United Europe (RUE) have specialized in aiding the acquisition of crypto licenses for various FinTech and blockchain initiatives in Estonia. Our journey began with active participation in worldwide FinTech conferences, leading to a deep understanding and success in securing a wide range of licenses, including those for crypto, gambling, forex, PSP, and EMI, throughout Europe. Our team, enriched by extensive experience and a robust network of global partners in the financial and blockchain sectors, has achieved significant milestones. Over the past 6 years, our expertise in crypto license procurement has grown, allowing us to extend our services to multiple jurisdictions. Now, we are equipped to facilitate projects in any EU nation that supports a legal framework for decentralized finance.

We offer crypto license in different countries

Ready-made companies with Crypto license for sale

If you’re currently working on an ambitious and promising crypto project that requires almost immediate launch, the last thing you want to do is go through the time-consuming crypto company formation and licensing process. Instead of holding yourself back, consider a viable alternative that will enable you to launch a crypto project in no time. Our insightful team here at Regulated United Europe has designed a seamless process of purchasing a fully licensed ready-made crypto company in various European jurisdictions, which allows crypto entrepreneurs to start a new project in a matter of days.

Before you dive into the details, know that a ready-made crypto company is an already established, fully registered and licensed company with no history and can be acquired within a short period of time. This means that by buying a fully licensed crypto company, you’re also purchasing an appropriate cryptocurrency licence.

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How to Purchase a Ready-Made Crypto Company

If your crypto project requires you to act with urgency, we’re prepared to assist you in re-registering a ready-made company with a full crypto licence within a few days. As mentioned earlier, the process is often fully remote and will allow you to start your crypto project within a week.

To initiate the acquisition process of a ready-made crypto company, you’ll have to provide us with the following documents:

  • A copy of your passport
  • A certificate of no criminal record of the new owner of the company
  • A detailed description of your crypto project.

It’s worth noting that some national authorities require business owners to submit documents in the local language, which means you may require the services of a certified translator.

If buying a ready-made crypto company with a full cryptocurrency licence sounds like an option to you, or if you’re not sure which legislative framework suits your unique crypto project best, contact us now to schedule a personalised consultation where our experienced lawyers will share actionable insights to help you take the next step forward.

We’ll be delighted to provide you with tailored, value-added support in re-registering an off-the-shelf crypto company in your chosen jurisdiction, including the preparation, translation, certification and submission of required documents. From the very start of the process, you’ll be backed with expertise in the swiftly evolving AML legislation, crypto licensing, corporate reporting and tax advice.

Crypto regulation overview

To make it easier for our clients our company has prepared an overview table with the information regarding the fees for virtual currency licence acquisition in different European jurisdictions. This table helps our clients to calculate exact time and expenses for the company formation and licence application. Please get in touch with our company and our specialist will be able to explain in detail the regulations of a chosen jurisdiction.

Lithuania Czech Poland Estonia Switzerland Malta
Period for consideration up to 1 month up to 1 month up to 2 months up to 6 months from 8 months up to 9 months
State fee for application No 250 € 133 € 10,000 € from 1,750 € 24,000 €
Required share capital 125,000 € from 0,04 € 1,077 € from 100,000 € from 300,000 € up to 730,000 €
Corporate income tax 5 – 15% 19% 15% 0% 11% – 24% 35%
Annual fee for supervision No No No No No from 3,500 €
Local staff member Required No No No No At least 3
Physical office Required No No No No Required
Accounting audit Required No No No No Required

Why Should You Consider Buying a Crypto Licence?

The decision to buy a ready-made crypto exchange or another type of licence can bring several benefits. The most evident one is time-saving, meaning that such a company can enable you to launch your crypto project in no time compared to a crypto company established and licensed from scratch. This way you can move as fast as the dynamic crypto industry itself instead of going through the time-consuming and costly processes of dealing with national institutions responsible for crypto business formation and authorisation.

Other undeniable benefits of buying a ready-made crypto exchange licence:

  • Your company will instantly become EU-registered which will allow you to avail of passporting opportunities and generally operate from within a stable and prestigious European jurisdiction
  • You might also save heaps of money as buying a ready-made crypto exchange licence means that you don’t have to pay steep application fees
  • With such a licence you’ll become an owner of the company which already has legally required AML/CFT compliance operating procedures in place
  • A ready-made crypto company can offer an impression of corporate longevity which may be an important aspect to some investors

How to Choose the Right Crypto Jurisdiction

While numerous European jurisdictions are actively developing strict and stable regulatory frameworks for cryptocurrencies, others are just beginning this journey. Each approach presents its own set of benefits and challenges, which is why it’s crucial to align your objectives and thoroughly research before selecting a jurisdiction for your crypto project, especially considering the importance of a crypto license.

A key factor to consider is the maturity of the regulatory framework. Jurisdictions with well-developed crypto regulations, such as Switzerland, Malta, Estonia, and Gibraltar, offer more stability and enhance the credibility of a crypto company. However, they often entail rigorous application processes, high periodic supervision fees, and substantial initial authorized capital requirements for obtaining a crypto license.

In contrast, some countries are in the earlier stages of developing their regulatory frameworks, translating into somewhat more lenient requirements for a crypto license application. These nations typically feature lower application and supervision fees, and more manageable initial capital requirements. However, it’s important to be aware of potential legislative changes. Lithuania, for instance, is currently one of the most favorable jurisdictions, having recently introduced new regulations for crypto companies, suggesting fewer imminent changes.

Jurisdictions without a specific crypto regulatory framework usually do not require a dedicated crypto license. In these cases, crypto companies often undergo a simpler general authorization process, usually with lower registration fees and basic initial capital requirements. The downside is the potential for significant legislative changes as these countries might be working on comprehensive regulations for cryptocurrency companies, which could disrupt established crypto businesses. Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia are examples of such jurisdictions, suitable for those prioritizing cost-saving and willing to adapt their crypto company to evolving regulations.

After determining the desired level of regulatory maturity, it’s advisable to explore specific jurisdictions where the sale of a cryptocurrency license is legal and available. Our team at Regulated United Europe recommends considering three EU countries: Lithuania, Poland, and the Czech Republic, for their favorable conditions in the context of a crypto license.

Crypto license in Lithuania

Lithuania is widely recognized for its business-friendly environment, including a favorable taxation system. This extends notably to crypto businesses, making it one of the most attractive European jurisdictions for such enterprises. The country’s encouraging stance towards innovative projects is evident in its evolving regulatory framework and governmental support, which is particularly beneficial for companies seeking a crypto license.


You can purchase a company with the following crypto licences, granted by the Bank of Lithuania (LB):

  • Cryptocurrency exchange licence which will suit your needs if you’re working on a crypto project that entails exchanging cryptocurrencies for fiat money or cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies
  • A Crypto wallet licence will help you launch a crypto project in no time if it’s related to storing clients’ cryptocurrencies, including the generation and storage of encrypted client-owned keys

Key advantages of a Lithuanian crypto licence:

  • No periodic supervision fees means more money left for the growth of your company
  • Relatively low Corporate Income Tax (5–15%) will enable you to invest even more back into your company
  • Lithuania is ranked among countries offering the world’s fastest and most reliable internet connection which will allow your crypto business to thrive in a secure and productive environment
  • Many public and private services are available online which will allow you to carry out business administration and operations remotely
  • You may certainly benefit from such support as a regulatory sandbox LBChain which facilitates the testing of blockchain-based business solutions in a controlled environment by supplying regulatory and technological infrastructure
  • Lithuania has a pool of multilingual, driven and highly skilled talents who would be instrumental in growing your crypto company

However, it’s crucial to be aware of the key requirements for operating a crypto business in Lithuania. There are two primary location-related stipulations. Firstly, crypto companies must conduct their essential operations within the EU and cater their core services to clients located in EU territories. Secondly, they are required to appoint a senior manager who is a permanent resident of Lithuania.

Regarding the regulatory framework’s progression, the Lithianian authorities have recently introduced several important crypto-related amendments to their Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (AML/CFT). This development is a positive sign for crypto businesses, indicating a stable environment where they can plan for long-term growth and operate without the immediate concern of needing to adapt to sudden changes in the business landscape, especially in terms of compliance with crypto license regulations.

Crypto license in Poland

In the world of business, it’s often observed that a larger population correlates with increased bureaucratic challenges. This situation can be particularly taxing for visionary crypto entrepreneurs who prioritize swift action and efficient administrative processes. Poland, still in the nascent stages of developing a comprehensive crypto regulatory framework, has not yet fully aligned its mandatory business formation processes with the fast-paced nature of the crypto industry, which can pose challenges for those seeking a crypto license.

Despite this, the Polish business environment is fundamentally robust and progressively embracing innovation. The national authorities are actively working to refine their legislation to foster and support groundbreaking projects. As a result, while crypto companies in Poland currently operate within the general regulatory framework, they should be prepared for the imminent establishment of a more stringent and specific crypto regulatory framework. This anticipated shift signifies an important consideration for crypto businesses planning their long-term strategy in Poland, particularly in terms of compliance and adaptation to future crypto license requirements.

Key advantages of having a crypto company in Poland:

  • A physical office isn’t required which means you can be flexible in designing your company’s operations
  • No requirement to employ local staff which also gives you more flexibility when it comes to company operations
  • No periodic supervision fees will save you money that can be invested back into the business
  • Very low initial authorised capital (5,000 PLN, or approx. 1,077 EUR) will enable you to start your project much faster
  • The Corporate Income Tax is among the lowest ones in Europe – only 15% – and if your company’s revenue doesn’t exceed 9,4 mill. PLN (approx. 2 mill. EUR) in the previous fiscal year, the company will only be subject to 9%
  • Company audit is only mandatory if a crypto company meets at least two of the following conditions: annual net revenue exceeds 23,4 mill. PLN (approx. 5 mill. EUR), annual turnover exceeds 11,7 mill. PLN (approx. 2,5 mill. EUR), and/or annual employment is at least 50 full-time employees.

If you’ve already got your eyes on Poland but are fearing demanding procedures of opening and licensing a new crypto company, our team here at Regulated United Europe is well-prepared to help you to buy a ready-made crypto company that can start operating in Poland within a week. We’ve developed a completely remote process of purchasing an off-the-shelf Polish company with a cryptocurrency licence, which means you won’t even have to visit the country to become an owner of a fully operational Polish business.

Crypto license in The Czech Republic

Operating a company in a jurisdiction with a liberal stance towards cryptocurrencies typically means fewer stringent financial and operational requirements from local authorities. For those interested in acquiring a ready-made company with a crypto license, or a general authorization, in a jurisdiction with a more relaxed regulatory environment, the Czech Republic stands out with its exceptionally liberal legislation in the cryptocurrency sector.

While the Czech Republic is yet to establish a comprehensive crypto regulatory framework, this current scenario offers several significant benefits for running a crypto business. The general regulatory framework in place allows for greater flexibility and freedom in managing crypto-related operations. This can be particularly advantageous for businesses seeking to navigate the crypto industry with fewer regulatory constraints, making it an appealing option for entrepreneurs and investors looking for a more accommodating environment for their crypto license needs.

Since there’s no Czech licence tailored for cryptocurrency business, by purchasing a ready-made crypto company you’ll also get a regular trade licence from the Trade Licensing Register that will enable you to open branch offices and operate within the EU just like any other EU crypto licence. A trade licence is a must for those businesses that are involved in trading with crypto derivatives, managing assets of investors’ funds that contain cryptocurrencies, or transferring funds in relation to the arrangement of trades with cryptocurrencies.

Key reasons for buying a ready-made crypto company in the Czech Republic:

  • Minimal requirements for the initial share capital (from 1 CZK or approx. 0,04 EUR) will give you maximum freedom to launch your project without having to go through the trouble of raising big funds
  • No burden of annual supervision fees will allow you to direct your funds to the growth of your business
  • No requirements to register a physical office in the Czech Republic and hire local staff will allow you to come up with the operating model that works best for your unique crypto project
  • Audit exemption applies to companies that meet at least two of the following criteria: turnover is less than 80 mill. CZK (approx. 3 mill. EUR), total assets don’t exceed 40 mill. CZK (approx. 1,6 mill. EUR), and the average number of permanent employees is less than 50
  • Crypto companies can avail of general tax allowances, such as the R&D tax allowance, where up to 100% of qualifying R&D expenses incurred during the tax year are deducted from the tax base as a tax allowance

Overall, remember that the three countries – Lithuania, Poland and the Czech Republic – are members of the EU and therefore are obligated to reflect the EU’s anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CFT) directives and other crypto-related laws in their national legislation regardless of the level of advancement in national crypto regulations. For this reason, every country has a dedicated authority that supervises crypto companies for AML/CFT purposes. If you’re keen to delve deep into the AML/CFT legislation, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and experienced team, who’ll be delighted to assist you.

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A ready-made crypto company is an established, fully registered, and licensed company with no history, allowing for immediate acquisition and operation.

Buying a ready-made crypto company offers several benefits, including:

  • Time-Saving. Acquiring a ready-made crypto company allows for a quick launch, avoiding the time-consuming process of establishing and licensing a crypto company from scratch.
  • EU Registration. A company becomes instantly EU-registered, providing an instant passporting opportunities and the ability to operate from a stable and prestigious European jurisdiction.
  • Cost Savings. Acquiring a ready-made crypto company is a way to avoid steep application fees that are often associated with establishing a new crypto company.
  • AML/CFT Compliance. A ready-made crypto company typically comes with legally required Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (AML/CFT) compliance procedures in place.
  • Corporate Longevity. Owning a ready-made company can create an impression of corporate longevity, which may appeal to investors.
  • Operational Freedom. Acquiring a ready-made crypto company allows designing business operations according to unique project requirements.

Ultimately, buying a ready-made crypto company can streamline the entry into the crypto industry, save time and costs, set a business up for success in the competitive crypto market.

Well-developed crypto regulations offer stability and trustworthiness but come with strict processes, fees, and capital requirements. Less mature jurisdictions have more relaxed requirements but might experience legislative changes.

Lithuania, Poland, and the Czech Republic are recommended due to their relatively favorable regulatory environments and ample opportunities for crypto businesses.

To initiate the acquisition process of a ready-made crypto company, typically the following documents are required:

  • Copy of a passport for identity verification.
  • Some authorities may request a certificate demonstrating that the new owner of the company has no criminal record.
  • Detailed description of the crypto project: a comprehensive description outlining its goals, operations, and compliance measures. This document helps the authorities understand the nature of the business.

The absence of a crypto-specific regulatory framework bring in instability and unpredictable legislative changes, potentially affecting already established crypto businesses.

Regulatory compliance ensures that the purchased company adheres to legal standards, preventing potential legal issues in the future.

Corporate tax implications depend on the jurisdiction and the company's revenue, with varying rates and allowances in different countries.

Some of the main advantages include the absence of periodic supervision fees, low Corporate Income Tax, fast internet connection, regulatory sandbox support, and access to skilled talents.

Some of the main advantages include the absence of a requirement for a physical office, minimal local staff obligations, the absence of supervision fees, low initial capital requirements, and a low Corporate Income Tax rate of 15%.

Some of the main advantages include minimal requirements for initial share capital, the absence of annual supervision fees and a physical office, and tax allowances (R&D, for example).

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