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If you are dissatisfied with the services offered by Regulated United Europe or have a complaint, kindly complete the provided complaint form below. In the detailed description of the issue, please articulate the nature of the problem and specify the contract clauses that were violated. Additionally, include supporting documents such as contract scans, correspondence screenshots, and any other relevant evidence of the breach in the agreement between you and Regulated United Europe.

Ensure to provide a summary encompassing your requests and the deadlines for their fulfilment. Regulated United Europe will review and respond to your complaint within three business days.

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    Customer’s Right to Resort to Legal Channels for Dispute Resolution

    Our company is dedicated to delivering high quality customer service and legal and accounting expertise across various domains. In the event of disputes arising during the execution of a contract between the customer and Regulated United Europe, both parties will first seek resolution through negotiations whenever possible. Should negotiations fail to bring about a resolution, the parties, following the legally prescribed procedure for judicial dispute resolution, may present the matter to the Vilnius District Court.

    Regulated United Europe’s Right to Legal Recourse for Dispute Resolution

    Customers of Regulated United Europe, as well as the company itself, have the option to approach the District Court in instances involving the disclosure of confidential information or the infliction of financial, reputational, and moral harm. Furthermore, legal recourse is available if a customer fails to adhere to the terms and conditions of the contract. While Regulated United Europe endeavours to settle disputes extrajudicially through its legal team, unresolved conflicts will be brought to the Vilnius District Court for resolution. Regulated United Europe places significant value on its customers, partners, employees, and the pristine reputation of the company. In cases of cooperation terms and conditions violations and harm caused, the company holds the right to hold the non-compliant party liable.

    Procedural Costs

    Legal processes entail specific costs. In civil and administrative cases, procedural costs encompass the state fee, security deposit, expenses related to evidence provision (e.g., summoning witnesses and engaging experts), and costs incurred by participants and their representatives (e.g., legal assistance and transportation). The participant initiating a procedural action bears the associated costs. Therefore, the plaintiff or complainant is obligated to pay a state fee upon filing a claim or complaint. Costs for summoning witnesses or involving experts must be covered in advance by the participant seeking their assistance. Additionally, a participant is responsible for independently covering the fees of their representative (e.g., lawyer).

    Upon conclusion of court proceedings, the participant on the losing side is obligated to reimburse costs incurred during the proceeding by the opposing party and any third parties involved. In civil cases, if the court dismisses the claim, the plaintiff typically reimburses the defendant for incurred costs. Conversely, if the claim is upheld, the defendant reimburses the plaintiff’s costs. Failure to pay court costs promptly may result in penalties and interest. In cases of compromise, cost distribution is generally determined by mutual agreement between the parties.

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    At the moment, the main services of our company are legal and compliance solutions for FinTech projects. Our offices are located in Vilnius, Prague, and Warsaw. The legal team can assist with legal analysis, project structuring, and legal regulation.

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