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How to Open a White Label Casino

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In the rapidly evolving world of online gambling, entrepreneurs are continually seeking innovative solutions to enter the market with speed, efficiency, and credibility. One approach that has been gaining significant traction is the concept of white label casinos. If you’re interested in starting your own online casino but are hesitant about the technical complexities, complex regulatory requirements, and hefty initial investments, then a white label casino could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

What Is a White Label Casino?

A white label casino is an online gambling platform or website that is developed and operated by a white label provider on behalf of a white label operator. The term “white label” comes from the practice of labelling products or services with the branding of the purchasing company, making it appear as if they developed the product themselves.

In the context of online casinos, a white label casino is essentially a pre-built and fully functional gambling platform that is offered by a specialized provider to entrepreneurs, gaming operators, or businesses interested in entering the online gambling industry without having to build the casino from the very beginning which usually requires a lot of time and financial resources, as well as compliance with complex regulatory requirements.

A white label casino is designed for entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals who want to enter the rapidly growing online gambling industry but don’t have the expertise or resources to develop a casino platform from scratch. It offers a turnkey solution that allows them to quickly and efficiently launch their own online casino, utilizing existing casino gaming software, under an existing brand or business name.

While our law firm, Regulated United Europe, doesn’t offer a white label solution, it prides itself on cooperating with leading developers of white label online casino solutions that offer the best prices and shortest turnaround time for acquiring a white label online casino and entering the lucrative world of online gaming. Our experienced legal consultants will be pleased to guide you through the process of selecting the most suitable provider and ensuring compliance with all legal requirements and regulations. You’ll be able to launch your own branded online casino swiftly, effortlessly, and with confidence.

Advantages of Opening a White Label Casino

Opening an online casino white label can offer plenty of finance, technology, business development-related, and other advantages for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to enter the online gambling industry as quickly as possible. It’s undoubtedly among the best solutions as one of its most noteworthy advantages is speed to market. A white label casino allows you to enter your chosen market quickly and efficiently skipping the period of developing your own games, testing software, and making iterations. Another significant advantage is compliance – many white label providers already hold the necessary full licenses and comply with stringent regulatory requirements in specific jurisdictions which can save you time and effort in ensuring certain aspects of compliance.

Other advantages of opening a white label casino include the following:

  • Lower initial investment – opening a white label casino typically requires a lower initial investment compared to developing a custom casino platform from scratch which makes it more accessible to startups with limited budgets
  • Access to ready-made games and software – white label gaming providers often offer a library of casino games which means you can offer a wide selection of games to your players without having to negotiate individual agreements with game developers
  • Integrated payment solutions – white label casinos typically come with integrated payment processing solutions, making it easier for players to deposit and withdraw funds which can streamline the financial aspects of your casino operations
  • Multicurrency payments – white label platforms usually facilitate payments in multiple currencies which enable businesses to expand their reach to international and diverse customers allowing them to avoid currency conversion fees which can build loyalty and grow their customer base
  • Flexibility and customization – although you start with a pre-built platform, most white label solutions offer a certain level of customization, and you can tailor the design, branding, and certain features to create a unique look and feel for your casino
  • Unlimited languages – you can choose from a wide range of languages for your white label casino platform; while such languages as English, Spanish, German, and French are usually offered by default, additional languages may be available as add-ons or through customization
  • Scalability – your online casino is likely to grow, and you’ll be pleased to learn that most white label solutions can accommodate increased traffic and player demand, allowing for scalability without major disruptions

Challenges of Opening a White Label Casino

However, it’s important to note that while white label casinos offer numerous advantages, they may also come with some challenges that can negatively influence the future of your business or on your software for your casino. For instance, you may have less control over certain operational aspects of the casino, and the profit-sharing model with the white label provider could impact your long-term profitability.

Careful evaluation of the specific white label solution and the provider is crucial to ensuring a successful and sustainable online casino business. Therefore, we strongly recommend scheduling a personalized consultation with our legal experts who will protect your interest and help you select a provider that helps you meet your long-term goals.

How to Choose a White Label Casino Provider?

To fully avail yourself of all the potential advantages of a turnkey casino platform, you should choose a reliable and reputable white label casino provider. This step is crucial to the success of your online gambling company. While our team can consult you on the best options specific to your business idea, there are some general considerations that you should take into account now.

The key legal factors to consider when selecting a white label casino provider are as follows:

  • The provider must hold valid and recognized gambling licenses from reputable jurisdictions and operate within a regulatory framework
  • The provider’s reputation and track record in the industry should demonstrate evidence of delivering high-quality, stable, and secure white label casino solutions, including the absence of litigation
  • The provider must employ robust security measures, including SSL encryption and adherence to strict data protection regulations
  • The provider must have robust anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CFT) procedures in place

The key technological factors to consider when selecting a white label casino provider are as follows:

  • The provider’s casino software platforms should be of impeccable quality and reliability which includes being user-friendly, responsive, and equipped with the latest gaming technology
  • A diverse, engaging, and of the good quality game library, including popular slots, table games, and live dealer options which can significantly enhance the player experience
  • In today’s mobile-driven world, it’s crucial to ensure that the white label casino software solution is optimized for mobile play on various devices
  • It’s also important to determine the extent to which you can customize the white label casino’s branding, design, and user interface to align with your vision and target audience
  • The white label casino provider should facilitate safe and efficient transactions and support a variety of secure and popular payment methods for deposits and withdrawals, in some cases including cryptocurrencies
  • It’s necessary to evaluate the quality and availability of customer support for both you as the operator and your players as responsive and knowledgeable support can help resolve issues promptly and maintain player satisfaction

Your choice of provider will significantly impact the performance and reputation of your online casino. Bear in mind that we can compare different white label gambling software casino providers for you based on your specific business model and vision. Reach out to our legal consultants now to ask for comprehensive support.

White Label Casino License

white label casino Once you’ve chosen a reliable white label provider, the next step is to obtain a gambling license which is effectively a gambling sub-license issued under a white label provider’s license. Obtaining a gambling license is a crucial step to ensure your casino operates legally and responsibly. Legal requirements vary depending on a jurisdiction which is why it’s important to carefully examine the regulations of the country where you’re planning to obtain a license.

A white label casino license is a legal authorization granted by a regulatory authority to an operator or business entity to operate an online casino using a pre-built casino platform provided by a white label solution provider. The license allows the operator to offer gambling services, including casino games, to players in specific jurisdictions, while the white label provider takes care of the underlying software, technical infrastructure, and some regulatory compliance aspects.

Just like a full casino license, a white label casino license comes with a set of compliance requirements and regulations that the white label operator must adhere to. These requirements usually cover the competencies of company directors, player protection, responsible gambling measures, anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CFT) protocols, and data privacy laws. The license may also include guidelines on how the casino should operate, including advertising restrictions, bonus offers, dispute resolution processes, and more.

Overall, it’s essential for white label casino operators to thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of the license and to ensure strict adherence to the legal requirements. Failure to comply with the license conditions can lead to penalties, fines, or the loss of the license, which could have significant consequences for the casino’s operations. Therefore, working with legal experts is crucial when obtaining and operating under a white label casino license.

Other Legal Requirements for a White Label Casino

In addition to a valid gambling license, launching a white label casino involves complying with various legal requirements to operate the business legally and ensure player protection and the safeguarding of the reputation of a chosen jurisdiction. While the specific legal requirements may vary based on the jurisdiction and regulatory authority, below we’re sharing common requirements for a white label casino. If you wish to examine a specific jurisdiction in relation to your business model, please reach out to our insightful team who will help you to determine the best solution for your online casino.

The most common customer-related requirements for a white label casino are as follows:

  • The display of legal information on the casino website, such as terms and conditions, privacy policy, responsible gambling resources, and licensing details
  • Every white label online casino must implement robust age verification processes to prevent underage gambling and therefore players should be required to register and provide valid identification to confirm their age and identity
  • The implementation of responsible gambling measures to promote responsible gaming and protect players from excessive gambling habits, including providing self-exclusion options, deposit limits, and links to problem gambling support services
  • The implementation of geolocation and IP blocking mechanisms to prevent players from restricted countries from accessing the online casino platform
  • Ensuring that online casino games are fair, and the software used is regularly audited for randomness and integrity by an independent testing agency which is essentially the required way to operate with integrity
  • Drafting clear and transparent terms and conditions that outline the rules and regulations governing the use of the online casino platform and the player’s responsibilities
  • The provision of adequate customer support to address player queries and issues promptly which in turn allows you to build trust and credibility with players, as well as contributes to player retention and loyalty
  • Ensuring compliance with data protection laws and clearly outlining the casino’s privacy policy to inform players about how their personal information is collected, used, and protected
  • Adhering to advertising and marketing regulations to ensure that promotions and advertisements aren’t misleading or targeted at minors and vulnerable people

The most common finance-related regulatory requirements are as follows:

  • Every white label casino must separate player funds from operational funds to ensure player funds are protected in the event of business insolvency
  • It’s also crucial to establish AML/CFT procedures and comply with relevant regulations which include employing an AML officer and performing due diligence on customers to prevent the casino from being used for money laundering or other illegal financial activities
  • Compliance with payment processing regulations and the provision of secure payment methods for deposits and withdrawals
  • Reporting and auditing are generally mandatory for white label online casinos which includes maintaining accurate records and submitting regular reports to the regulatory authority

How to Choose a Jurisdiction for a White Label Casino?

We partner with white label providers from various jurisdictions but the best jurisdiction for your white label casino will depend on various factors, including your specific business goals, target audience, regulatory requirements, and overall strategy.

However, there are some general considerations you should pay attention to when choosing a jurisdiction for a white label casino:

  • Ensure that the jurisdiction you choose has a clear and well-established regulatory framework for online gambling as this will help you avoid legal issues and ensure that your casino operations are lawful
  • While some jurisdictions have more complex and time-consuming procedures, which might delay the launch of your casino, in some cases it might be best to choose a jurisdiction with a straightforward and efficient licensing process
  • Consider the tax implications in different jurisdictions as some jurisdictions may have more favorable tax rates for online gambling businesses, which can positively impact your casino’s profitability
  • Choose a jurisdiction that has reputable regulatory bodies and is well-regarded within the online gambling industry to build trust with your customers
  • Consider the geographical location of your target market as some jurisdictions may have specific laws or restrictions related to gambling that could impact your ability to cater to certain markets
  • Choose a jurisdiction that prioritizes data protection and has strong cybersecurity measures in place
  • Consider the availability of professional support services, such as financial and technical assistance, to help you operate your white label casino smoothly
  • Evaluate the costs associated with obtaining and maintaining a license in the chosen jurisdiction

Common Jurisdictions for a White Label Casino

Obtaining a white label casino license involves engaging with the regulatory authorities in the jurisdiction where you wish to operate your online casino. The specific process and requirements vary depending on the country or territory you choose. Below we’re sharing basic information about some common jurisdictions known for issuing white label online gambling licenses but if you wish to investigate one of them more deeply, please contact our team of lawyers here at Regulated United Europe who will be delighted to help.

Jurisdictions for Gambling Startups

Curaçao is among the most common and favorable jurisdictions for white label crypto casinos. The Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB) is responsible for issuing online gambling licenses which are relatively straightforward to obtain and are recognized in many parts of the world. Curaçao presents a modern business environment featuring advanced telecommunications and internet capabilities, an appealing legal framework, and a good foundation of financial services.

Although Costa Rica doesn’t have a specific online gambling regulatory framework, it’s possible to set up a white label casino in Costa Rica. Local municipalities are responsible for the general supervision of gambling businesses. Costa Rica is known for being a popular destination for online gambling businesses, including white label betting platforms or casinos, due to its favorable tax environment.

Kahnawake is located in Canada and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) has been licensing gambling businesses since 1996 which makes it a competent and reputable authority. Compared to some other jurisdictions, obtaining a license from the KGC might be more cost-effective which is an advantage for startups. While the licensing process is also relatively simpler, it typically involves standard procedures, such as background checks, financial assessments, and the verification of satisfactory ownership.

Jurisdictions for Mature Gambling Businesses

Malta is among the most trusted jurisdictions among mature gambling businesses that are capable of meeting stringent regulatory requirements and are looking to attract experienced and affluent players. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is a reputable and well-known regulatory authority offering various types of licenses, including B2B licenses suitable for white label operators. Maltese white label online casino software providers are well-established and trusted by numerous sub-licensees.

The United Kingdom is among the most lucrative gambling markets and also is known for having stringent requirements for gambling operators. The UK Gambling Commission is responsible for regulating gambling activities in the UK, including the issuance of white label casino licenses. Having a UK license can enhance the credibility of your white label casino or affiliate program which will result in attracting more players.

Gibraltar is also widely recognized as a distinguished and esteemed jurisdiction that sets stringent standards for obtaining a gambling license. The Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner (GGC) enforces criteria that make the license acquisition process challenging for prospective applicants, although launching a turnkey casino platform might be slightly easier. Successful applicants can enjoy credibility and access to the European market.

If you think that a white label casino is a suitable solution for your business idea, our team here at Regulated United Europe will be delighted to support you in finding the best developer of a white label online casino solution. With dedicated legal advisors, tax experts, and financial accountants at your side, you will find the processes of launching a white label casino easy, frictionless, and transparent. Contact us now to schedule a personalized consultation and set the stage for long-lasting success.

Also, lawyers from Regulated United Europe provide legal services for obtaining a crypto license.

White label gambling operator

The White Label concept is becoming increasingly popular in the world of gambling. This approach allows companies to quickly enter the gambling market under their own brand, using pre-developed platforms and licences from established operators. In this article we will look at what a White Label gambling operator is, its advantages, possible risks and key aspects of successful operation.

What is a White Label gambling operator?

White Label gambling operator is a service whereby one company (the licensee) provides another company (the client) with its platform, licence and sometimes additional services such as user support and payment processing. The client uses this infrastructure to run a gambling site under its own brand, but all operational aspects are controlled and managed by the original licensee.

Benefits of a White Label Solution

  1. Reduce start-up time and costs: Developing your own gambling platform and obtaining licences can be time-consuming and require significant investment. A White Label solution can significantly speed up the process and reduce start-up costs.
  2. Ready-made infrastructure: The client gets access to an already developed and optimised gambling platform, which includes a wide range of games and integrated payment systems.
  3. Legal and licensing: As all legal and licensing aspects are managed by the licensee, the client does not have to worry about regulatory compliance.

Risks and constraints

  1. Limited control: White Label Solution customers often face limited control over the product and operations. Most key decisions are made by the licensee.
  2. Dependence on the quality of the licensee’s services: All aspects of service quality, including server uptime, speed of payment processing and quality of customer support, are dependent on the licensee.
  3. Branding challenges: It is often difficult to stand out in the market as many aspects of the platform are standardised and used by many operators.

Key aspects of a successful White Label solution

  1. Careful vendor selection: It is important to choose a reliable and experienced White Label solution provider who can offer a quality platform and professional support.
  2. Clear understanding of the terms and conditions: Before starting co-operation, it is necessary to thoroughly study all terms and agreements to avoid misunderstandings and possible legal problems in the future.
  3. Active marketing and promotion: To successfully attract and retain customers, you need to develop an effective marketing strategy that will help your brand stand out from your competitors.

Conclusion: White Label gambling operator is a great solution for those who want to enter the gambling business quickly and with minimal investment. However, success in this area depends on many factors, including choosing the right supplier, effective brand management and proactive customer engagement.


A white label casino is an online gambling platform developed and operated by a specialized provider. It allows entrepreneurs to launch their own online casino quickly and efficiently.

Advantages include faster market entry, compliance with regulations, lower initial investment, and access to ready-made games, integrated payment solutions, scalability and customization options.

Challenges include limited control over operational aspects, profit-sharing with the provider, and potential impacts on long-term profitability.

When choosing a reliable provider, it’s advisable to look for:

  • Valid gambling licenses;
  • A strong reputation;
  • Robust security measures and AML/CFT procedures;
  • High-quality software platforms;
  • Diverse game libraries
  • Good customer support.

When looking for a reliable provider, it’s important to evaluate the quality of software platforms, game library, mobile optimization, customization options, payment solutions, and customer support.

A white label casino license is a sub-license issued by a regulatory authority to an operator using a white label provider's platform. It ensures compliance with regulations and player protection from the get-go.

The main requirements include age verification, responsible gambling measures, player fund separation, AML/CFT protocols, data protection compliance, and transparent terms and conditions.

When choosing a jurisdiction that will serve as your legal base, consider factors such as regulatory framework, licensing process efficiency, tax implications, reputation, geographical target market, data protection, and available support services.

Common jurisdictions include Curaçao, Malta, the United Kingdom, and Gibraltar.

Most white label solutions offer a certain level of customization, allowing changes to the design, branding, and user interface.

Ensure that the software and games undergo regular auditing by independent testing agencies to maintain game fairness and integrity.

Generally, white label casinos are subject to the following financial requirements:

  • Separating player funds from operational funds;
  • Implementing AML/CFT procedures;
  • Complying with payment processing regulations;
  • Maintaining accurate financial records.

To ensure the security of player data, implement robust security measures (such as SSL encryption) and adhere to strict data protection regulations to safeguard player data.

Obtaining a white label casino license ensures legal and responsible operations while also requiring strict adherence to regulatory requirements.

Yes, many white label platforms facilitate multicurrency payments and offer a wide range of languages, allowing you to cater to an international and diverse customer base.

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