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Book of Ra Casino Slot – History of the Game

Ancient history and treasures of bygone civilizations – one of the favourite themes of casino game creators. The old-fashioned slots are colourful and exciting. When a gambler wins a prize in them, he thinks he’s got the real treasure from an old stash.

A great example of such slots is the Book of Ra, that is “Book of Ra” from the famous manufacturer Novomatic. This slot is found in many online casinos, it has become a real classic of the genre and has a large army of fans.

This review will consider what the Book of Ra video slot is, what symbols and bonuses it contains, and how it has earned such a passionate love of gamblers.

Novomatic – developer of Book of Ra

Novomatic - developer of Book of Ra

Novomatic is one of the largest and most famous gambling manufacturers in the world. In 2019, its turnover amounted to 5.1 billion dollars. The brand was founded in 1980, and now has branches in 50 countries.

Novomatic products are exported to 75 countries. The Concern constantly expands the geography of its activities, signs contracts of cooperation with other important representatives of the industry, joins young promising companies.

The group employs about 30,000 talented professionals. They create games with exciting stories, high payout rates, incredible sound and video effects. Their video slots are real mini-movies that completely immerse the gamblers in the atmosphere of fairy tales and adventures, making you forget about reality. If online casinos buy entertainment about Novomatic, this fact significantly benefits his reputation.

In addition to Internet gambling, the brand’s interests include gambling, betting and off-line lotteries. It manages numerous casinos and sports bars, arranges lottery runs, and installs gaming terminals in public facilities. Novomatic is included in the list of 300 best employers of Austria, improving its position in this ranking from year to year.

Book of Ra Casino Slot

This slot takes a gambler to the realm of the pyramids, endless sand and pharaohs. The main character is an archaeologist in a distinctive brown hat. He goes to Egypt to learn the mysteries of an ancient burial site and apparently to become rich and famous.

In ancient Egyptian mythology, Ra was the god of the sun. He arose from primitive chaos and successfully defeated it, giving the world light. According to other legends, he came from the east in the form of a scarab beetle, rolling in front of him the solar disk, or hatched from the egg of a great goose, or began to land, descending on the water-covered Earth in the form of a falcon.

He is usually depicted as a man with a falcon head topped with a sun disk. It was one of the main and most revered gods of Egyptian mythology, patronizing creation, fertility, well-being.

The game takes place on a brownish-gold background, reminiscent of the shades of the desert at sunset. The background colour of the drum wheels is black, with the symbols in bright neon. This night theme allows you to completely disconnect from everyday life and immerse yourself in the world of enchanted dreams.

The first version of the game was released in 2005, and graphics standards have since changed a number of times. However, the “Book of Ra” still looks stylish, as its design was thought through to the smallest detail, taking into account the tastes and needs of the audience. Its interface is not overloaded with unnecessary details, it does not get tired of the eyes throughout the long game.

By the way, the Book of Ra is presented in the format not only online, but also offline slots. In non-virtual casinos, it is also consistently among the most popular games.

Advantages of the Book of Ra video slot

Among the main advantages of the slot “Book of Ra” should be mentioned the following:

  • high professionalism of the manufacturer;
  • fascinating topic;
  • stylish design;
  • High percentage of payments;
  • the presence of bonus spins;
  • the presence of a bonus game;
  • simple and clear rules.

According to rough calculations, “Book of Ra” is represented in 70% of all online casinos. The official manufacturer reissued it over 10 times in improved versions, and pirates have repeatedly created fakes based on this slot.

Description and symbols of the Book of Ra slot machine

This slot features 5 vertical reels, each with three symbols. Payouts are made over 9 paylines, but if you want, you can change the number of paylines with a switch in the bottom right corner.

It would seem most advantageous to set a maximum number of lines – but with each new activated line, the minimum bet limit is increased. The amount of bet per line varies from 0.02 to 5.00.

The payout percentage in the game is 96%, which is quite high. This means that 96% of all funds are distributed among players in the form of winnings, and only 4% remain on the site as a commission.

The volatility of this slot game is high. Playing it, you won’t get many wins – but they will be big. This is a favourite for players who love maximum adrenaline and go to the casino because they dream of a big score. Choosing a low-volatility slot, you will win frequently but in small amounts. The adrenaline level will be significantly lower.

The symbols on the reels are:

  • archaeologist;
  • Sarcophagus
  • Isis;
  • scarab;
  • the book of Ra;
  • card ace;
  • the card king;
  • card queen;
  • card jack;
  • card ten.

The Book of Ra serves as both a wilde and a scatter. When it appears on the reels, it replaces any other symbols and helps the gambler form a winning chain.

However, multiple matching Book of Ra symbols on a reel do not yield large wins: if there are three symbols, the prize is only a bet amount multiplied by 2, if four symbols are multiplied by 20, if five is multiplied by two.

In order to win a prize, at least three of the same lower-rank cards must appear on the reels. They shall be positioned from left to right, counting from the leftmost reel. If you collect three tens, jacks or queens, you will increase the sum of money by 5 times, if the same cards are four – then 25 times, if there are five cards – a hundred times.

Three kings or aces increase the prize by a factor of 5, four such cards by a factor of 40, and five cards by a factor of 150.

Higher cards allow you to earn more substantial prizes. The combination of two symbols of Isis or the sacred scarab multiplies the bet by 5, from three – by 30, from four – by 100, from five – by 750. Two sarcophagi give a 5-fold increase, three 40-fold, four 400-fold, five-fold-2000.

Finally, the most generous symbol is the archaeologist. If a portrait of this adventurer hits the reels twice, the prize will increase by a factor of 10, a factor of 100, a factor of 4, a factor of 1,000, a factor of 5,000.

The game features autospins. By activating this option, the gambler removes the need to run the reels manually each time. On the one hand, it is convenient because it saves effort and speeds up the process of playing – and thus getting prizes. But there is a big downside to the autospin mode: it does not allow access to the bonus game, and it offers a good chance to increase the reward. More detailed rules of this game will be described in the appropriate section.

Book of Ra is not a progressive slot. This means that its jackpot does not increase as you move from round to round.

With the “Book of Ra” beginners, it is very convenient to begin acquaintance with the world of excitement. The rules of this game are quite simple, you can understand them in a couple of minutes. Veteran gamblers also appreciate the simplicity of this slot game – when the latest generation of casino games become too complicated, the soul is drawn to something clear and simple.

Bonus game

The bonus game in the “Book of Ra” is quite primitive, but allows you to significantly increase the amount of prize. The essence of this game is that the gambler is offered to guess the card: red or black. If the answer is correct, the prize amount is doubled and this procedure is allowed to be repeated 5 times.

Free spin feature

This slot game features a series of 10 consecutive automatic spins, that is, free spins with a bonus symbol. This requires that 3 to 5 images of Ra’s book be collected on the screen. Thus, to spin the reels the gambler will not have to spend money – but if he wins, the money will be credited to his deposit and he will be able to withdraw them.


Although the Book of Ra video slot was released in 2005, it is still one of the favourite games among online casino fans. This is not surprising, because it was worked on by the team of the international concern Novomatic, one of the most famous and popular manufacturers of gambling in the world.

“Book of Ra” is built on one of the most spectacular themes – the treasures of the ancient world. This 5-reel, 9-payline slot features high volatility and a 96% payout percentage.

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