Aztec gold

Aztec Gold Casino Slot – History of the Game

The Aztec Gold slot is one of the first to achieve worldwide popularity in a very short time at the onset of virtual gambling. This slot received a luxurious look for the time that left no one indifferent.

An additional advantage was that each player had a real chance to win a significant amount.

MegaJack – developer of Aztec Gold slot machine

Mega jack The creator of the legendary slot game is MegaJack, which has been working in this sector since 1999. The brand is based in Bulgaria, and initially the developer took the name Casino Technology, which later changed to a brand familiar now.

In 2001, the developer certified its products, thus opening up the international market. Since that time, the company’s products quickly appeared in different online casinos and became one of the most popular.

The company offers slot machines, roulette options and develops its own jackpot system. You can also find platforms for the management of an entire establishment from this company, and the range of «MegaJek» is constantly expanding. At the time of its appearance, the brand’s products were distinguished by advanced graphics at the time, interesting stories and an original approach to the organization of gameplay. The rate of issuance reached 96.5%, which is quite a lot, and all these qualities together made the brand super popular in the world of virtual gambling.

Aztec gold

The Aztec Gold slot game has inspired players to take an original approach to creating an individual world that is imbued with historical detail and involves in a real adventure. Earlier machines were just an exciting way to test your luck, but the developers of the company «MegaJek» gave fans of gambling a real story, which tells the player himself during the hand.

The main theme of the slot is the historical period of conquest, when the search for gold drove sailors and travelers farther from home. In this case, the player is invited to travel to an exotic country where each symbol highlights the uniqueness of the region and symbolizes good luck.

The main control panel consists of a number of buttons that will help you adjust the slot to certain hand conditions. On the left and right side of the center block lines are placed, at the bottom you can choose the size of the bet and the number of rows. In the center are the reels, because this is where the main game takes place. The functionality is simple enough to deal with the first visit, so getting acquainted with the control panel will be quick.

If you run the machine for the first time, pay attention to the information block – here the player will read all the data about the winning combinations, the number of lines and maximum bet sizes. This information will be useful to the beginner who first launched the game and has not yet figured out how to play it.

The first task is to choose a certain size of the bet. At the bottom of the screen is a button that allows you to set a certain value for each bet. The range varies from 0.1 to 100 credits, so this slot will be of interest to players with different ambitions and capabilities.

Next you need to set the number of lines – the Aztec Gold machine gives you the opportunity to organize certain conditions for the game, so that each hand was held in a comfortable environment. The total number of lines is 21, with a maximum bet, a single scroll will cost 2,100 credits.

In addition to the basic hand, the machine has the opportunity to win a jackpot that exceeds any cash prize in the game. The main condition for participation in such a draw is a bet of 10 credits. There is nothing special to do as the jackpot is automatically triggered. As soon as all settings are set, you can start the game itself, and to do this you need to click on the «Start» button.

One click triggers one spin, you can force the reels to stop using the Hold button. The moment the reels stop spinning, a combination is formed on the playing field, which means that the player wins. If you are lucky, the combination and the amount of your prize will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Advantages of the Aztec Gold video slot

Aztec Gold slot machines can be called one of the most popular entertainment in online casinos. Bright and noisy, they can win significant sums and just have a good time. The main advantages of this slot consider the following features:

  • Interesting Details

The developers paid a lot of attention to the development of a unique interface, embellishing it with various details and keeping the same color gamut. However, with all its load, the interface is perceived very well, as visually all the main blocks are highlighted in a different color.

  • Musical Score

It is much more interesting to play this machine with sound to get a full idea of all the features of the game. An original music track was created for the slot, which displays all facets of the gambling world and incorporates cultural features of the period, which is dedicated to the machine.

  • Ability to customize the hand

In this slot, you can choose the number of lines and set a certain bet size so that the player creates the conditions in which the hand will be dealt. This approach has pleased professional players, who have gained ample scope to develop their own strategies.

  • Bonus Games

The Aztec Gold slot game has a risk bonus game that will double any winnings in just a few moments. If you are already lucky in the slot and you have received your winnings, you can risk again and quickly double the amount received.

  • Additional Game Rounds

An interesting feature of the slot is the presence of «hidden» levels that are launched after obtaining a certain combination. These games also offer the opportunity to win additional prizes and significantly increase your final win.

  • The presence of prize symbols

Not only are there regular symbols in the hand, but there are prize pictures that are also used to create combinations and bring increased odds or open additional levels.

Description and symbols in Aztec Gold

The game field consists of 5 reels and 21 lines – the player can limit the number of lines and form a field on which he will be comfortable. You can choose from 1 to 21 lines, but as experts advise, it is better to play on the field of maximum sizes to increase the chances of winning.

For each spin, the total bet is set to between 1 and 210 credits. The betting strategy should also take into account the fact that the maximum bet amount increases the likelihood of winning and the amount of the cash prize.

A winning combination is a combination that includes at least three identical images. In total, there are several such combinations in the table:

  • the bird with bright plumage brings a multiplier of 2, 10 and 50;
  • fluffy llamas, corn cobs and tomatoes as well as frogs will give a ratio of 5, 10 and 100;
  • dangerous puma in the amount of three pieces will please multipliers 10, 20 and 100;
  • wild eagle increases the bet in 20, 100 and 750;
  • an Indian in an ethnic costume brings a multiplier of 20, 100 and 750 if he looks to the left;
  • an Indian whose head is turned to the right multiplies the bet 20, 100 and 1000 times.

To receive your winnings, you need to collect at least 3 identical pictures on the active line that will follow each other. The combination is read from the left reel and pay attention to the special symbols. The gold mask can replace any other picture, ending the combination.

This symbol appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. Another special symbol, the phoenix bird, is more interesting because it can appear on any reel and is counted even when it is outside the active field. Three such pictures increase the win and bring additional prize.

Aztec Gold Bonus Game

The game «Pyramids» has become popular not only because of the original design, but also because of the game variety. If you make a combination of certain symbols, you can open bonus rounds.

In order to access these games, you must complete a line that includes the main symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. After receiving this combination, the bonus round is triggered, which is a minigame.

In the first level, the player will see six pyramids, each with a hidden treasure. You have to choose one of the buildings to win the prize money. The player is given three attempts, the result being that you go to the next level or are eliminated with a small prize.

In a super game you have to open cells that are placed in five pieces in five rows. Each of them has a hidden prize, so choose carefully.

Free spin feature

One of the differences with the Aztec Gold slot is the absence of a bonus such as the Pyramids. There is a Scatter in the hand, but this symbol, unlike other machines, does not bring the Free Spins, but serves as a bonus feature. If the player collects a combination of 3 or more phoenixes, the win is increased by a multiplier of 2 to 50.


Aztec Gold is an exciting and interesting slot game that stands out from other devices with its original graphics and unusual approach to hand-outs. Its story and theme appeal to players of all stripes, making it popular with both beginners and professionals.

Despite the fact that the machine has been on the market for a long time, it is still one of the most popular versions of the slot machines of modern type. Well-designed design and carefully designed interface is one of the main achievements of the company’s developers, because thanks to this approach their products remain in demand even after many years.

The slot tells an interesting adventure story, the hand takes place in the active mode and the presence of bonus rounds does not get boring. Of course, it is worth mentioning the high coefficients as well as the very attractive return rate. This machine has many fans around the world, and every year the army of fans is growing.

Regulated United Europe lawyers will help to create online casinos and get a gaming license in the shortest possible time, and, thanks to our extensive gambling partnerships, integrate the legendary game Aztec Gold into your online casino.

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