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Wild West Casino Slot – History of the Game

The Wild West, in the understanding of many, was the blessed land where gold was literally lying on the road. This theme is widely used in the film and gaming industry, so the area of gambling has also decided to use the famous story to create games. Many online casinos have a lot of slot machines on this topic, but only a few have achieved global fame and become widely known worldwide. The Wild West slot machine has original graphics and a modern algorithm. The creator of the game is NextGen Gaming, which has released a lot of exciting slots. The experience of developers and a clear understanding of consumer demand laid the foundation for the creation of an amazing slot with interesting plot and excellent gaming characteristics.

NextGen Gaming – Wild West Slot Machine Developer

NextGen Gaming

NextGen Gaming is a well-known gaming software manufacturer based in Australia. The developer has been working in the gaming industry since 1999 and has managed to achieve excellent results.

In today’s market, this brand is inextricably linked to another developer of NYX Interactive, both of which are affiliated with NYX Gaming.

The team of the former NextGen Gaming is responsible for the development and release of video slots, so the company’s developers specialize in this product. At the moment, more than 600 slots have been released under this brand – each slot has received an original theme and unusual graphics solutions, so that the brand is warmly accepted by experts and players. The distinctive features of each NextGen Gaming product are:

  • multilingualism – in the machines there is a possibility of switching the language interface, which undoubtedly increases the popularity of the brand worldwide;
  • availability – to run the machines do not need to download special software or configure your computer, all games run in the browser;
  • a separate category of mobile entertainment – online casinos are increasingly directed towards mobile entertainment, as many users enjoy launching familiar games on tablets or smartphones;
  • unique gameplay – developers often add unusual game moves and increased prize rewards to their games;
  • the use of modern technology – the development department is actively implementing all the advanced technologies that are used in the gaming industry to make each slot interesting and interactive;
  • certificate availability – the company operates under an official license and sends each product for certification to international commissions.

NextGen Gaming machines have a fine tuning so that each player can set a certain field size or select a bet size. It is worth noting the high recoil rate, which reaches 98% in some machines that can not but please the players.

The company is responsible for every product that is released under this brand. Thus, the machines undergo multi-level testing to detect any technical errors.

Particular attention is paid to security issues so that users do not worry during the game about the fairness of the hand or that their personal data will be stolen.

Detailed design and development of complex security systems – these features have made NextGen Gaming machines one of the best products in the catalog of any online casino.
Wild West slot machine

The Wild West slot machine is dedicated to the times when cowboys meet on the road, and their right to possess wealth needs to be proven by force. At the same time, however, every adventurer could become a rich man and say goodbye to poverty in just one lucky night at the casino.

This theme was chosen for a reason, because it is associated with the appearance of slot machines. As the story goes, the first machines with mechanical dispensing appeared in those years and start with the era of saloons.

The designers of the company tried to rethink the graphical reproduction of the time and introduce into it elements that remain recognizable, but are perceived much easier.

In order to liven up the hand, it was decided to include animated elements that animate the standard process of falling pictures and turn the normal game into an exciting spectacle.

At the first start, we recommend that you carefully examine the control panel, which contains several functional keys:

  • Spin – spin and start the game;
  • Stop – a forced stop initiated by the player;
  • Bet Up – Increase your bet on every spin;
  • Bet Down – size reduction;
  • Max Bet – automatic setting at the maximum bet per line;
  • Info – section with information about the game, in which you can study the prize combinations and multipliers for each of them;
  • Sound On/Off – sound control;
  • Win – calculate winnings per spin;
  • Balance – the total amount of credits on the account;
  • Autoplay – the activation of the autoplay mode, where the player does not need to wager for each spin individually;
  • Total Bet – total bet per spin;
  • Gamble – Activate a bonus game to increase your winnings.

The developers decided to stick to a more frivolous style, so at the bottom of the screen tips and various comments are constantly flashing. In such a fun environment, risking money is much more fun, so this slot has come to like both professional players and novice gamblers.

The slot starts right in your browser, but before you start spinning, we recommend you to carefully study the data from the information section. Here you will see all the combinations that are capable of winning, and a multiplier for each of them. Playing the game is easy enough, because to win the prize you only need to collect a certain combination of symbols on the playing field.

Advantages of Wild West Video Slot

The Wild West slot game has a distinctive character that comes with its original graphics and an unusual hand-play approach. Despite the fact that this genre can safely be considered one of the oldest, the developers of the brand managed to surprise fans and give them a truly exciting entertainment adventure.

This slot has a number of notable advantages:

  • Carefully designed control panel. Each player will manage to customize the slot to their own requirements and quickly be able to figure out which buttons to press to get a certain result.
  • Fine tuning. Players can choose their bet size, adjusting the value of each spin. Thus, you can play at maximum stakes, which greatly increases each win and the chances of getting the main prize. If you don’t want to take any risks, set the minimum bet and keep playing in the terms that will be most advantageous for you.
  • Interesting Symbolism. The designers not only worked on the external screens of the machine, but also picked up such symbols that are easy to relate to the time and fully immerse in the world of the Wild West.
  • High quality product. The slot is certified and presented by a company that has already earned its place in the ranking of the best developers. When playing such a machine, users can trust their intuition.

The original design serves only as an additional advantage, many experts note the calibrated issuance algorithm and high return rate. It is possible to win in such a slot, because the standard set of symbols is supplemented with special bonus pictures and various prize combinations.

Description and Wild West Symbols

The creators of the slot machine Wild West tried to pick up such pictures that will fully reflect the theme of the slot. The following icons are displayed during the hand:

  • the cowboy saloon;
  • a loyal friend of every conqueror of the Wild West is a mounted horse;
  • a stack of money;
  • playing cards;
  • cowboy boots with dashing spurs;
  • beautiful girl;
  • shot of whiskey.

The special symbols are represented by two pictures – a scatter (stack of chips) and a wild (cowboy). Each bonus icon has a certain value, so we recommend carefully studying the section with prize combinations.

The Wild symbol cannot create separate chains, it only appears on three far right reels and complements any combination, substituting other symbols. In addition to the multiplier given to the player on the table, the presence of the wild symbol allows you to spin the reels five times for free.

A scout wins even when he’s on the field alone. This symbol appears only during free spins, and triggering it adds to the win.

Bonus game

There are no separate bonus levels in the game, but you can trigger a bonus round with a special symbol. The absence of a bonus game makes the standard hand more interesting, as you don’t need to be distracted and can only enjoy themed slot symbols.

Free spin feature

The slot machine has the option of getting free spins, to do this you need to draw a combination of three crossed revolvers. As soon as a line appears on the field, the player is in the setting of a cowboy saloon, where he is asked to spin the reel 12 times.

During spins, the multiplier increases and differs significantly from the standard prize pool. An additional increase occurs when a wild symbol appears on the field. Such a game is able to significantly top up the player’s account.


Wild West – one of the most popular slots in online casinos

Wild West is a spectacular and exciting video slot game that attracts attention with its striking graphics and original music. During a hand, you can get a free spins cycle, multipliers are multiplied several times when the bonus icon is triggered, so playing the slot machine never gets old.

The machine allows you to customize your hand according to your preferences, so you can safely experience different strategies in such a game.

The creators of the slot tried to fill their product with exciting plot twists and create graphical additions that fit perfectly into the overall theme. Given that the game is free to play, Wild West has become one of the most popular gambling games in online casino history.

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