Purchase of a Ready-Made Company in Poland

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The biggest advantage when buying a ready-made company in Poland is time-saving. The ready-made company (limited liability company) is fully registered and therefore has KRS, REGON and NIP numbers. This will allow you to start your business in the shortest possible time, as the registration of a new company from scratch is a long procedure and takes about one month on average. At the same time, the finished company with a history of previous years, which shows positive business development, increases confidence in the eyes of contractors and customers.

Ready-made company purchase

2,000 EUR
  • Virtual office/legal address for 1 year
  • Preparation of required documents
  • Confirmation of the company’s share capital (5000 PLN)
  • Notary services
  • State fee for the company transfer to a new owner

* Setting up a ready-made company on an individual order adds 500 EUR to the value of the finished company

Our company, specializing in the sale of ready-made companies in Poland, will help to complete all formalities related to the re-registration of the company to a new owner, in the change of shareholders and board members in the national judicial register, the statistical office and the tax inspectorate. The whole procedure of re-registration of the company can be carried out remotely. The sale of shares takes place in the form of signing a notarial agreement in accordance with the agreement on the purchase of shares. In addition to the sale of shares, all documents of the company are submitted to the new owner: the decision to assign the number of the company in the National Judicial Register, the Regon certificate and decisions to provide the company with a NIP.

Services of our company when buying a finished company in Poland

  • preparation of documents on the change of the general director, incl. the decision of the founders of the company on the re-election of the general director and orders on the appointment of a new director;
  • Notarial certification of the signature of the new CEO, transfer of all documents and seal of the company;
  • Submission of documents to the Tax Office, where the registration of the change of the general director takes place.

If you want to buy a ready-made company in Poland completely remotely, our company will be happy to provide the following services:

  • Preparation of power of attorney and agreement on sale of shares
  • Preparation of the power of attorney on behalf of the buyer and its notarization
  • Extraordinary general meeting of shareholders with a view to removing the existing management
  • Conclusion of an agreement on the sale of shares in the form of a notarial deed
  • Extraordinary general meeting of shareholders and appointment of a new board
  • Extraordinary general meeting of shareholders for the purpose of name change and other changes (if required)
  • Application to the judicial register for change of ownership and management
  • Filing an application with the IRS

Additional services you might be interested in when buying a ready-made company in Poland

  • Change of company name
  • Introduction of additional activities
  • Application for a license

Buying a ready-made company in Poland with history and financial turnover

If you haD a need to buy a company with a history and turnover in Poland, that is, a company that was registered a long time ago and for several years carried out financial and commercial activities, our company will be glad to help you.  When buying a ready-made company, you become the full owner of a legal entity, which together with the registration already has all the necessary details for the start of business.

The service of buying a ready-made company in Poland includes:

  1. Consultation on registration issues
  2. Selection of economic activities according to the Polish classification PKD
  3. Preparation of a complete set of documents for re-registration of the company
  4. Obtaining an electronic digital signature or PESEL (identification number) for 2 founders, depending on the chosen procedure of re-registration of the company
  5. Submission of documents for re-registration to the appropriate authorities (by proxy)
  6. Obtaining registered documents and registration numbers (NIP, REGON, KRS)
  7. Preparation of the list of LLC participants
  8. Registration of the Customs EORI number (for export/import from/to the EU)
  9. For the Head of the Board get tax and identification numbers PESEL, NIP
  10. Conclusion of a contract for accounting services

“Purchasing a ready-made company is one of the fastest options to start your business in Poland. Write me an email and let’s start your venture.”

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