Company formation in Portugal

 PortugalCompany formation in Portugal is an appealing prospect for entrepreneurs, driven by several factors that contribute to a favorable business environment. The process of establishing a company in Portugal is relatively straightforward, and the country offers several advantages for businesses.

Portugal’s strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and the Americas makes it an ideal hub for international trade. The country has a well-developed infrastructure, including modern transportation networks and communication systems, facilitating smooth business operations.

The legal framework for company formation in Portugal is transparent and supportive. Entrepreneurs can choose from various legal structures, such as Limitada (LDA) for limited liability companies or Sociedade Anónima (SA) for public limited companies, tailoring the setup to their business needs.

Portugal is known for its skilled and multilingual workforce, providing a competitive edge for businesses operating in diverse industries. The government has implemented initiatives to enhance the business environment, including tax incentives, subsidies, and support programs for startups and small enterprises.

Company registration in Portugal

In recent years, Portugal has seen economic growth and increased foreign direct investment, creating a positive atmosphere for business development. Additionally, the country’s commitment to renewable energy and sustainability aligns with global trends, making it an attractive destination for environmentally conscious businesses.

Company formation in Portugal offers entrepreneurs a combination of a strategic location, supportive legal and business environment, skilled workforce, and government incentives, making it a compelling choice for those looking to establish and grow their businesses in Europe.


1, 300 EUR
  • Preparation of necessary documents for the registration of a new company in Portugal.
  • Acquisition of a legal address for the company.
  • Translation of a certificate of no criminal record into Portuguese through a sworn translator.
  • Payment of state fees related to company registration.
  • Payment of notary fees related to company registration.
  • Registration of the company under the law.
  • Legal address for 1 year.
  • Certificate of Admissibility

Corporate services in Portugal


Strategic Location

EU Membership

Supportive Legal Environment

Investment Incentives

Why Consider Registering a Company in Portugal?

Portugal is an attractive destination for company formation, boasting strategic, economic, and workforce-related advantages. Its southern European location facilitates access to global markets, making it an ideal base for businesses seeking international expansion. Portugal’s stable and growing economy supports a diverse range of industries, from manufacturing to technology and services. The nation’s skilled and multilingual workforce is a valuable asset for businesses aiming for success.

The Portuguese government’s pro-business policies, including tax incentives, support for research and development, and streamlined bureaucratic procedures, create a favourable business environment. Additionally, the country’s well-developed infrastructure ensures that companies operating in Portugal have the necessary tools and systems to thrive.

In order to complete the process to open a company in Portugal, It is essential to do some paperwork. The documents required for opening a business are:

  • Tax Identification Number (TIN);
  • Business Registration;
  • Proof of enrollment in Social Security;
  • early declaration of activity;
  • Approval certificate;
  • Deposit of capital;
  • Finally, preparation of statutes or constitutive act of society

In terms of expenses, it is also necessary to add the services provided by the Accountant (TOC). In other words, companies are required to hire this, internally or externally, which is held responsible for the submission of tax returns and round a cost of 200 € per month. Associated with this type of service, there is also the costs associated with the acquisition of a billing software certified by the tax authority.


Undertaking the process of establishing a company in Portugal involves a thorough understanding of various requirements integral to regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.

Determining the share capital for the company is a critical step. While private limited companies (LDA) in Portugal do not impose a specific minimum share capital, careful consideration of the capital structure and shareholder contributions is necessary. On the other hand, public limited companies (SA) are subject to minimum share capital requirements stipulated by law.

Establishing a physical presence is implicit in the requirement for a registered office address within Portugal. This address serves as the official communication hub, aligning with legal obligations and substantiating the entity’s existence within the national jurisdiction.

While not explicitly mandated, securing office space is practical for operational efficiency and client interactions, contributing to the company’s credibility and professionalism.

Employing local staff may be advantageous, depending on the nature and scale of the business. While not a strict requirement for company formation, having a local workforce can facilitate smoother operations, enhance cultural integration, and demonstrate commitment to the local community.

These considerations, though not universally mandated, contribute to a comprehensive approach in establishing and operating a company in Portugal, ensuring adherence to regulatory norms and fostering a conducive business environment.










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Establishing a company in Portugal involves a well-defined procedure to navigate the regulatory landscape effectively. The process begins with a critical decision regarding the company’s legal structure, whether opting for a private limited company (LDA) or a public limited company (SA). Each structure comes with distinct implications for share capital and operational frameworks.

Share capital considerations follow, with private limited companies having no minimum requirement, while public limited companies must adhere to stipulated minimum capital regulations. Crafting comprehensive articles of association is pivotal, outlining the operational structure and rules governing the company’s activities.

The establishment of a registered office address within Portugal serves as a symbolic and practical step, aligning with official communication requirements and substantiating the company’s physical presence in the jurisdiction.

While not mandatory, securing office space is beneficial for operational efficiency, client interactions, and overall professionalism. Concurrently, the decision to employ local staff, though not obligatory, can enhance operational smoothness, cultural integration, and community engagement.

Throughout this process, careful attention to legal and financial considerations is paramount. Seeking guidance from professionals well-versed in Portuguese business regulations ensures a seamless journey through the intricacies of company establishment, contributing to long-term success and compliance within the vibrant business landscape of Portugal.

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Company formation in Portugal
1,300 EUR

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The timeline for opening a company in Portugal can vary, but it typically takes several weeks to complete the necessary procedures, including legal documentation, registration, and approvals.

In Portugal, the main types of legal entities include the Sociedade Anónima (SA) for public limited companies and the Sociedade por Quotas (LDA) for private limited companies.

To open a bank account for your company in Portugal, visit a chosen bank, submit required documents (such as company registration papers, identification, and proof of address), and comply with the bank's specific procedures.

For remote bank account opening, contact our specialists.

Certainly. Portugal welcomes non-residents to register companies, offering an open and accessible business environment. Non-resident entrepreneurs can initiate the company registration process, engage with local authorities, and establish and operate businesses in Portugal. The legal framework supports international business ventures, making it feasible for non-residents to actively participate in the country's business landscape.

In Portugal, a private limited company (LDA) can have a minimum of one shareholder and one director. For a public limited company (SA), a minimum of five shareholders and a board of directors with at least three members is required.

Portugal's corporate tax rate is 21%.

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