Seychelles Forex License

Located in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is an archipelago consisting of 115 islands, known for political stability and a developed financial industry.

In recent years, Seychelles has also emerged as a favorable jurisdiction for obtaining a forex license due to a combination of factors that have attracted individuals and businesses seeking to operate within the foreign exchange trading industry.

With a regulatory framework that harmonizes innovation and supervision, the Seychelles forex license provides entry into legitimate forex activities.


65,000 EUR
  • Consulting on relevant legislation and assisting with legal entity registration
  • Review and filing of Securities Dealer License application documents
  • Assistance in organization of the licensee and liaising with regulator
  • Securities Dealer License Application/Securities Dealer Representative License Application
  • Legal Advisor Consent
  • Company secretarial, registrar office/agent for the first year
  • Guidelines for submitting all required documents and certificates
  • Tax Registration
  • Government fees
  • Assistance in opening a Corporate Bank Account

Advantages of the Seychelles Forex License

Seychelles Forex License

Seychelles’ strategic location and membership in international organizations contribute to its global reputation as a credible and reliable jurisdiction. Seychelles is a member of such reputable organizations as the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and the Commonwealth of Nations. These memberships allow Seychelles to participate in international discussions, collaborate on various issues, and contribute to global efforts in areas such as sustainable development, environmental protection, security, and democracy. This reputation can enhance the trust and confidence of clients and counterparties in the forex industry.

Seychelles offers a favorable tax regime for forex businesses, with a taxation framework that aims to attract foreign investment and promote economic growth. There’s no Capital Gains Tax, Corporate Tax, or Withholding Tax on forex trading activities conducted by International Business Companies (IBCs). This allows forex brokers and traders to optimize their financial operations and retain a larger portion of their profits.

Seychelles has relatively minimal reporting requirements compared to some other jurisdictions. This can reduce the administrative burden on forex operators while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Moreover, the country has strong laws protecting confidentiality and privacy, which can be particularly important for forex operators handling sensitive client information.

Overall, Seychelles has established a modern and flexible regulatory framework for forex licensing that creates a balance between facilitating business growth and maintaining effective supervision. The framework is designed to accommodate both established forex brokers and new entrants, fostering a competitive yet regulated environment. Seychelles is known for its simplified administrative procedures and clear regulatory guidelines that make the process of obtaining and maintaining a forex license relatively easy compared to some other jurisdictions.

Forex Regulations in Seychelles

Established under the Financial Services Authority Act of 2013, the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) is the regulatory body responsible for licensing and supervising forex trading services pursuant to relevant legislation. It also provides regulatory support and guidance to forex license holders. This assistance can help operators navigate regulatory compliance and stay updated on industry developments.

The following legal acts and regulations of Seychelles are, inter alia, applicable to forex traders and brokers:

The Securities Act of 2007 provides the legal foundation for regulating securities and financial activities in Seychelles, including forex trading. It establishes the FSA as the regulatory body responsible for overseeing forex trading activities. The act also provides rules for forex license application, stipulates ongoing requirements for license holders, prohibits market manipulation and insider trading, as well as provides for cooperation between the Seychelles FSA and foreign regulatory authorities to facilitate the exchange of information and promote international regulatory standards.

The Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2006 provides the legal framework for combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism. It requires financial service providers, including forex brokers, to implement anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CFT) procedures, conduct customer due diligence, and report suspicious transactions. Forex licensees must maintain accurate and up-to-date records of their transactions, including client identification, business correspondence, and transaction histories. These records should be available for inspection by relevant authorities. Moreover, under this act, forex licensees are required to conduct extra due diligence when dealing with politically exposed persons (PEPs) due to the potential risk of corruption or misuse of funds.

The Seychelles Companies (Special Licenses) Act of 2003 provides for the issuance of special licenses to financial service providers, including forex brokers, who are licensed by the FSA. The act sets out the criteria and requirements for companies engaging in financial activities to obtain a license, including capital requirements, submission of audited financial statements, and compliance with applicable regulations.


Membership of the UN, World Trade Organisation and Commonwealth of Nations

Favourable tax regime for forex business and foreign investment

Minimum reporting requirements compared to other jurisdictions

Simplified administrative procedures and clear regulatory rules

Types of Seychelles Forex Licenses

Seychelles offers different types of licenses for forex and related financial services activities. These licenses are issued by the FSA and allow businesses to legally operate from the jurisdiction while adhering to specific regulatory requirements. The type of license you need will depend on the nature of your forex activities, the scope of business operations, and resources.

The main types of Seychelles forex licenses are as follows:

  • Securities Dealer License allows businesses to engage in the buying and selling of securities, including foreign exchange contracts, on behalf of clients, it permits activities related to trading, brokerage, and market-making
  • Investment Adviser License enables businesses to provide investment advice, such as forex-related advice, to clients, including offering recommendations on foreign exchange trading strategies and investment opportunities
  • A special License Company (CSL) is a versatile type of license that can be obtained for a wide range of activities, including forex trading
  • An International Business Company (IBC) License may be used by businesses engaged in forex trading activities as it provides a flexible structure for conducting a range of international business activities

Requirements for Seychelles Forex License Applicants

To apply for a forex license and start forex trading in Seychelles, you’ll first have to incorporate a local company. The incorporation process may take several business days but it ultimately varies based on the specific nature of the company and its activities. Options for legal business structure include an International Business Company (IBC), a Special License Company (CSL), and a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

The required initial capital for a Securities Dealer License ranges from 660,000 SCR (approx. 47,000 EUR) to 1,3 mill. SCR (approx. 93,000 EUR) or more, depending on the specific activities and services the licensee plans to offer. For other types of licenses, the required initial capital is determined by the FSA on a case-by-case basis depending on the scope of services a licensee intends to offer, the complexity of the operations, and the level of risk associated with the forex activities. The FSA may also take into consideration the company’s ability to meet ongoing operational expenses and regulatory obligations. Even if there are no specific capital requirements, all licensees are expected to have sufficient capital to support their intended business activities and obligations.

All forex license applicants are also required to pay license application fees upon the submission of the application. The specific license application fees for different types of forex licenses in Seychelles can vary based on the type of license and the scope of activities. Once the FSA reviews a submitted application and establishes its completeness, the applicant will receive an invoice detailing the application fees. The authority can start processing the application only after confirming the receipt of the application fees.

Other key requirements for Seychelles forex license applicants are as follows:

  • All individuals who are planning to be involved in the management, control, or ownership of the forex company must meet the FSA’s fit and proper criteria, including clean financial and criminal records, relevant qualifications and experience, and a history of ethical conduct
  • Sufficient financial resources, including capital, to support forex trading operations and meet ongoing regulatory requirements
  • A well-structured operational infrastructure, including appropriate technology, risk management systems, and internal controls to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Effective internal AML/CFT procedures, including the appointment of an AML compliance officer
  • The demonstration of the readiness to start operations by having the necessary infrastructure, systems, and personnel in place

The following documents are required to apply for a forex license in Seychelles:

  • A Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • An official application form provided by the FSA
  • A comprehensive business plan outlining the proposed forex trading activities, strategies, target markets, and plans for compliance with regulatory standards
  • A business continuity plan
  • Proof of having a registered agent and a physical office address in Seychelles
  • Internal operations manual
  • The policy of conflict of interests
  • Client service agreement
  • Complaints handling policies and procedures
  • Internal AML/CFT policies and procedures
  • Financial statements and projections that showcase the company’s financial stability and ability to meet regulatory requirements
  • Evidence of the possessed required capital
  • References or recommendations from banks, business partners, or professional advisers that demonstrate the company’s credibility and reputation

Brokers with FSA (Seychelles) Regulation

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How to Establish a Forex Company in Seychelles

How to Establish a Forex Company in Seychelles An International Business Company (IBC) is among the most common legal business structures in Seychelles favored by foreign investors. The confidential information concerning the beneficial owners, directors, and shareholders of a Seychelles IBC isn’t publicly accessible. During the registration process of a new IBC, the Registrar of Companies doesn’t mandate the submission of any information about the true beneficial owner of the newly established company.

This specific data remains known exclusively to the licensed registered agent associated with the company. The only documents of the company that are available as public records are the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association. Therefore, this type of company is preferred by businesses that value privacy and data security. However, you should ultimately choose a legal structure on the basis of your forex business scope and goals. Our lawyers will be delighted to assist if you need comprehensive advice on this matter. Whichever legal business structure is best for you, we can guide you through every step of the preparation, incorporation, and licensing processes.

The main requirements for an IBC are as follows:

  • At least one shareholder who doesn’t have to be a resident of Seychelles
  • At least one director who doesn’t have to be a resident of Seychelles and can be the same person as a shareholder
  • A registered agent and a registered office in Seychelles, where official correspondence can be sent and administrative and legal matters are handled on behalf of the company
  • IBCs are generally prohibited from conducting business within Seychelles as these companies are meant for international business activities outside the jurisdiction
  • The payment of annual fees to maintain the company’s registration and good standing
  • The maintenance of accurate records of the company’s financial statements, minutes of meetings, and other corporate documents

The main steps of opening an IBC in Seychelles are as follows:

  • Choose and reserve a unique and compliant company name (please note that some names may require approval from the national authority)
  • Find a registered agent and office space in Seychelles
  • Prepare all the required documents
  • Set up the necessary technology infrastructure for forex trading, including trading platforms, servers, and security protocols
  • Pay the applicable registration fees
  • File the documents and register your company with the Seychelles Registrar of Companies
  • Apply for a forex license from the FSA
  • Once a new forex license is granted, you can open a local bank account
  • When your forex business is fully licensed and has a local bank account, you can start forex trading operations

The following documents are usually required to open a forex company in Seychelles:

  • A notarized copy of the company’s Memorandum of Association
  • A notarized copy of the company’s Articles of Association
  • Notarized copies of the passports of the shareholders and directors
  • Proof of address of every shareholder and director
  • A declaration of compliance stating that the company will abide by the laws of Seychelles
  • Director’s consent to act
  • Shareholder’s resolution
  • A document detailing the source of funds
  • Share certificates issued to shareholders to indicate their ownership in the company
  • A power of attorney if someone is acting on behalf of the company during the incorporation process


Period for consideration
3-4 months Annual fee for supervision 10,000 euros
State fee for application
6,500$ Local staff member No
Required share capital 50,000 $ Physical office Required
Corporate income tax 15-25% Accounting audit Required

How to Apply for a Seychelles Forex License

Seychelles is one of the few jurisdictions where it’s possible to obtain a forex license within 3 months. That said, the application processing time can vary and may depend on factors such as the complexity of your application, the accuracy of submitted documents, and the workload of the regulatory authority.

The main steps of the forex license application process in Seychelles are as follows:

  • Prepare all the required application documents
  • Submit your application along with all the required documents to the FSA
  • The FSA will conduct due diligence and background checks on the applicants, directors, shareholders, and other relevant parties
  • An on-site inspection and an interview with the management team can be conducted as part of the application process in order to assess your company’s physical presence and operational structure

The aim of the application review is to ensure that the applicant complies with Seychelles’ laws and regulations, has a robust business plan that demonstrates viability and sustainability, maintains proper internal controls and governance structures, as well as is well-prepared to contribute positively to the local and international financial industry.










Victoria 100,060 SCR $19,536

Ongoing Requirements for Seychelles Forex Licensees

To maintain a forex license, every licensee is obligated to continuously adhere to various regulations that extend far beyond the initial application process. These requirements support the foundation of compliant, secure, and client-centric forex operations, as well as protect the reputation of Seychelles as an offshore financial hub.

Every forex licensee in Seychelles is obligated to pay annual supervision fees. The fees for different types of forex licenses in Seychelles can vary based on the type of license, the scope of activities, and the services provided by the licensee. The exact fee is determined by the FSA once a new forex license is granted, which is when the authority typically issues an invoice for the annual supervision fees.

It’s obligatory to maintain accurate and up-to-date records of all business activities, financial transactions, customer interactions, and compliance efforts. These records may need to be provided to regulatory authorities upon request. Furthermore, forex licensees may need to submit regular financial reports to the FSA. These reports help demonstrate the company’s financial stability and compliance with financial regulations.

Also, in order to keep the forex business sustainable and compliant, it’s crucial to continuously assess and manage risks associated with forex trading and financial services. Seychelles forex licensees have to implement effective risk management strategies to protect both the company and the clients. They should cover such risks as market risks (e.g., price fluctuations), credit risks (e.g., counterparty default), operational risks (e.g., system failures), liquidity risks (e.g., availability of funds), and regulatory risks (e.g., change in capital requirements).

Seychelles forex licensees have to continuously adhere to AML/CFT requirements. It’s essential to duly maintain internal AML/CFT processes, as well as regularly update the relevant policies and procedures to reflect changes in regulations. Every forex company must maintain accurate records of transactions, customer identification information, and related documents which must remain available for regulatory inspection. Moreover, any transactions that are deemed suspicious or unusual must be reported to the relevant authorities within a certain timeframe.

To ensure continuous compliance with relevant regulations, it’s essential to provide ongoing training to employees. It includes ensuring that employees understand the importance of protecting clients’ interests and funds, and are fully aware of the compliance standards, codes of conduct, and best practices specific to the forex industry in Seychelles. Ongoing training reduces the risk of inadvertent non-compliance, thereby minimizing the possibility of penalties, legal actions, and reputational damage.

It’s of paramount importance to continuously protect clients which is why every Seychelles forex licensee must continuously fulfill the following requirements:

  • Provide clear information about trading costs, spreads, commissions, and any other fees, as well as avoid hidden charges
  • Provide risk disclosure statements to clients
  • Segregate client funds from operational funds
  • Forex licensees are strictly prohibited from engaging in fraudulent practices such as misrepresentation, unauthorized trading, or market manipulation
  • Have well-defined procedures for handling client complaints
  • Adhere to data protection laws to ensure the security and confidentiality of clients’ personal and financial information

If you wish to start forex trading and obtain a forex license in Seychelles, our team here at Regulated United Europe will be delighted to support you in incorporating a company and applying for the license. With dedicated legal advisors, tax experts, and financial accountants at your side, you will find the processes of obtaining a forex license in Seychelles easy, frictionless, and transparent. Contact us now to schedule a personalized consultation and set the stage for long-lasting success.


I’m here to assist you in the process of securing a Forex License in Seychelles. Trust in my expertise to navigate the legal landscape, ensuring strict adherence to regulations and laying a robust foundation for your forex activities within the Seychelles jurisdiction.

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Yes. Trading activities in Seychelles - including forex trading - require a license issued by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Seychelles.

The process of obtaining a forex license in Seychelles involves the following steps:

  • Submitting an application along with the necessary documentation to the Financial Services Authority (FSA)
  • Meeting various regulatory requirements
  • Paying the license fee
  • Undergoing a due diligence process

A Seychelles forex license allows a company to legally engage in forex trading activities within the jurisdiction. It comes with regulatory obligations, including compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) requirements, as well as reporting to the FSA.

The time required to obtain a forex license in Seychelles may vary depending on the complexity of the application and the applicant's readiness to meet regulatory requirements.

It typically involves several months of processing and due diligence, and the period of consideration is generally expected to last between 3 and 4 months.

In Seychelles, it's generally required to have a bank account in a reputable financial institution as part of the licensing process. The bank account serves various purposes, including facilitating financial transactions related to forex trading and meeting regulatory requirements.

Forex licenses in Seychelles are typically issued for one year and can be renewed annually by meeting the regulatory and financial requirements, as well as paying the annual license renewal fee.

There are multiple benefits of obtaining a forex license in Seychelles. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Access to international financial markets
  • Credibility for attracting investors and clients
  • Ability to operate legally within a regulated framework
  • Favourable tax regime for forex businesses, with a taxation framework that aims to attract foreign investment and promote economic growth

Obtaining a forex license in Seychelles can be challenging due to strict regulatory requirements and the need to demonstrate financial stability, compliance with AML/KYC regulations, and expertise in forex trading.

Engaging legal and financial experts with experience in the process can help navigate these challenges.

Yes. Seychelles allows companies to be owned by non-residents, and there are no restrictions on foreign ownership in most cases.

The type of company depends on specific business needs and objectives.

Common options include:

  • International Business Company (IBC)
  • Special License Company (CSL)
  • Protected Cell Company (PCC).

Consulting with legal and financial advisors can help determine the most suitable structure.

Yes. Seychelles companies can have directors who are not local residents. There is no requirement for directors to be Seychelles residents.

Yes. Seychelles has anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) regulations in place to prevent such activities. These regulations require businesses, including those with forex licenses, to implement robust AML/KYC procedures and report suspicious transactions to the authorities.

In Seychelles, a company must have a minimum of one director and one shareholder, and they can be the same person or legal entity.

Seychelles offers an attractive tax regime and multiple tax benefits for businesses, including those engaged in forex trading.

For instance, there’s no Capital Gains Tax, Corporate Tax, or Withholding Tax on forex trading activities conducted by International Business Companies (IBCs). This allows forex brokers and traders to optimize their financial operations and retain a larger portion of their profits.

Every forex licensee in Seychelles is obligated to pay annual supervision fees. The fees for different types of forex licenses in Seychelles can vary based on the type of license, the scope of activities, and the services provided by the licensee. The exact fee is determined by the FSA once a new forex license is granted, which is when the authority typically issues an invoice for the annual supervision fees.

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