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Upbit History

Upbit first opened its virtual doors to users in October 2017, establishing itself as a powerful and innovative cryptocurrency trading platform in South Korea. Since its inception, Upbit has grown rapidly to become one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges not only in the domestic market but also in the international market. Upbit’s history is closely linked to the development of the cryptocurrency market in Asia and around the world, reflecting the company’s dynamic development and adaptation to the changing demands and opportunities of the industry.

Early years and foundation

Upbit was founded by Dunamu Inc. a South Korean fintech startup that was previously known for developing the popular StockPlus mobile stock trading app. Utilising its expertise in financial technology, Dunamu launched Upbit with the aim of providing a safe, secure and convenient platform for trading a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Partnering with US-based cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex, Upbit was able to offer users an impressive range of trading pairs right from the start.

Rapid growth and expansion

With its intuitive platform, high level of security and a wide range of available cryptocurrencies, Upbit quickly gained trust and popularity among South Korean traders. Within the first few months after its launch, Upbit achieved significant trading volumes, which propelled it to the leading position among cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea.

Upbit’s growth was also fuelled by the company’s drive to innovate and expand its portfolio of services. In addition to standard spot trading, Upbit offered users access to advanced financial tools such as staking and decentralised financial services (DeFi), reinforcing its position as a comprehensive platform for cryptocurrency transactions.

Overcoming challenges

Like many other cryptocurrency marketers, Upbit has faced a number of challenges, including regulatory and security issues. In 2019, the exchange suffered a hacking attack that resulted in the theft of user funds. However, Upbit has demonstrated its commitment to customer safety by fully recovering losses from its own reserves and strengthening security measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

International expansion

Recognising the opportunities in the global cryptocurrency market, Upbit has been actively working to expand its presence beyond South Korea. The exchange launched international versions of its platform, offering services to traders in different countries and regions, including Southeast Asia. This international expansion has allowed Upbit to attract new users and strengthen its position as a global cryptocurrency exchange.


Upbit’s story is one of innovation, growth, and adaptation to the changing cryptocurrency landscape. Starting its journey in 2017, Upbit has overcome a number of challenges on its way to becoming one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Through its commitment to providing quality and secure services, Upbit continues to occupy an important place in the digital asset industry by providing users with access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies and innovative financial products.

Company website: www.upbit.com

Year of foundation: 2017

Daily visitors: 127,372

Daily pageviews: 331,168

Alexa Rank: 45626

Trading volume: $5,371,300,886

 How to cash out on Upbit

Withdrawing funds from cryptocurrency exchange Upbit is a process that requires users to pay attention to detail and follow certain steps to ensure a safe and efficient transaction. Upbit, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea, offers a user-friendly and secure interface for managing cryptocurrency and fiat assets. Below is a detailed guide on how to withdraw money from Upbit, including both cryptocurrency and fiat money.

Step 1: Sign in to your Upbit account

The first thing you need to do is log in to your Upbit account. Make sure you are using a secure connection and that your access to the platform is protected.

Step 2: Go to the withdrawal section

Once logged in, go to the funds management section or directly to the withdrawal section. On Upbit, this may be labelled “Withdrawal” or similar, depending on the interface language.

Cryptocurrency Withdrawal

Step 3.1: Select the cryptocurrency to withdraw Select the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw and provide the wallet address to which the funds will be sent. It is important to double check the wallet address as transactions on the blockchain are irreversible.

Step 3.2: Entering the amount to withdraw Enter the amount of cryptocurrency you want to withdraw. Make sure you have enough funds to cover the transaction fee that will be listed on the screen.

Step 3.3: Confirm the transaction Once you have entered all the required data, you will be prompted to confirm the transaction using two-factor authentication or another confirmation method provided by Upbit.

Withdrawal of fiat money

Step 4.1: Selecting a Fiat Withdrawal Option To withdraw fiat money, select the appropriate option in the withdrawal section. You will be prompted to select a bank and enter bank account details if you have not done so previously.

Step 4.2: Enter the amount to withdraw Enter the amount you wish to withdraw in fiat currency. Pay attention to the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits, as well as the fees that may apply to the transaction.

Step 4.3: Confirm and finalise the transaction Confirm the transaction by following the on-screen instructions. You may need additional confirmation of the transaction via your mobile bank or SMS notification.

Concluding remarks

When withdrawing funds from Upbit, it is important to take into account the time frame for processing transactions, which may vary depending on the type of assets and the current network load. It is also recommended to regularly check for regulatory updates and changes to the platform’s withdrawal policy. By following these steps and recommendations, users can safely and efficiently manage their assets on Upbit.

 How to create an account on Upbit

Creating an account with Upbit, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea, is an important step for users looking to start trading cryptocurrencies. The registration process at Upbit is designed to provide a user-friendly experience while maintaining high standards of security and regulatory compliance. In this article, we will take a detailed look at how to create an account on Upbit, from the first step of registration to account verification.

Step 1: Visit Upbit’s official website

First of all, visit the official Upbit website (https://upbit.com) and look for the “Sign Up” or “Sign Up” button, which is usually located at the top of the homepage. Make sure you are using a reliable internet connection and are on the official website to avoid phishing attacks.

Step 2: Entering basic information

On the registration page, you will be asked to enter basic information such as your email address and password. Choose a strong password that combines letters, numbers and special characters to protect your account as much as possible. After entering your information, tick the box agreeing to Upbit’s terms of use and privacy policy, then click “Register” to continue.

Step 3: Confirm your email address

After you submit the registration form, Upbit will send an email to the email address you provided with a confirmation link. Click this link to confirm your email address. This is a necessary step to activate your Upbit account.

Step 4: Account Verification

For full access to all Exchange features, including deposit and withdrawal of funds, you must complete the account verification process. Verification may involve providing additional personal information such as your full name, phone number, and uploading documents to prove your identity (e.g. passport or driving licence). Follow the instructions on the Upbit website to complete this process.

Step 5: Configuring additional security measures

After account verification, it is highly recommended to set up additional security measures, such as two-factor authentication (2FA), which requires you to enter a one-time code received by SMS or through the authenticator app each time you log into your account or make important transactions.


Creating an account on Upbit is a relatively simple process that gives you access to a wide range of cryptocurrency trading services and opportunities. Following the steps above will help ensure the safety and security of your account, allowing you to take full advantage of all the benefits Upbit’s cryptocurrency exchange has to offer.

 How to make a deposit on Upbit

Making a deposit on cryptocurrency exchange Upbit is a key step to start trading cryptocurrencies and participating in various financial transactions on the platform. Upbit, one of the leading exchanges in South Korea, offers users a convenient and secure way to fund their accounts in both cryptocurrency and fiat money. In this article, we take a detailed look at the process of making a deposit on Upbit, including the necessary steps and helpful tips.

Step 1: Sign in to your Upbit account

The first thing you need to do is log in to your Upbit account. If you don’t have an account yet, you will need to go through the registration and verification process as described in the previous article.

Step 2: Go to the deposit section

After logging in, locate and navigate to the “Wallet” or “Deposit” section of the user interface. This section is for managing your funds, including both cryptocurrency and fiat money deposits and withdrawals.

Cryptocurrency Deposit

Step 3.1: Selecting a cryptocurrency to deposit In the deposit section, select the type of cryptocurrency you want to deposit into your account. Upbit supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, so make sure you choose the right currency from the list.

Step 3.2: Generating a wallet address Once you have selected your cryptocurrency, the system will generate a unique wallet address for the deposit. This address will be used to transfer funds from your external wallet or another exchange to your Upbit account.

Step 3.3: Funds Transfer Use the generated address to send cryptocurrency from an external wallet to your Upbit account. Check the address carefully before confirming the transaction, as erroneously sent funds may not be recoverable.

Deposit of fiat money

Step 4.1: Selecting a Deposit Method To deposit fiat funds on Upbit, you may need to select your preferred deposit method, such as a bank transfer. Depending on your location and chosen currency, the available methods may vary.

Step 4.2: Enter your bank details Follow the instructions on the platform to enter the required bank details and deposit amount. Ensure that all details are entered correctly to avoid delays or problems with the crediting of funds.

Step 4.3: Confirm the transaction After entering all the required data, confirm the transaction and make the bank transfer according to the details provided. The funds will be credited to your Upbit account after the transfer is processed.

Concluding remarks

When making a deposit on Upbit, it is important to follow all instructions carefully and verify the data entered to ensure a safe and successful funding of your account. It is also recommended to familiarise yourself with the deposit fees and limits that may apply to different deposit methods.

By following these steps, users can easily and securely deposit both cryptocurrency and fiat funds into their Upbit account, unlocking access to a wide range of trading opportunities on one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

 What currencies Upbit accepts

Upbit, being one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea and expanding its presence in the international market, offers a wide range of currencies for trading to its users. This makes it one of the most versatile platforms for investing and trading in the world of cryptocurrencies. This article looks at the range of currencies available on Upbit, including both cryptocurrencies and fiat money.


Upbit offers a huge selection of cryptocurrencies, allowing users to trade popular as well as lesser-known altcoins. Among them:

  • Bitcoin (BTC): As the first and most well-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is featured on most cryptocurrency platforms, including Upbit.
  • Ethereum (ETH): The second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation, Ethereum plays a key role in the development of decentralised applications (DApps) and smart contracts.
  • Ripple (XRP): This cryptocurrency and payment network technology is particularly popular among financial institutions for international transfers.
  • Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH): Both currencies are proposed as faster and more efficient alternatives to Bitcoin in terms of transaction time and fees.

In addition, Upbit supports a wide range of other altcoins and tokens, giving traders the opportunity to diversify their portfolios and explore new investment strategies in the ever-expanding cryptocurrency space.

Fiat currencies

Unlike some cryptocurrency exchanges that work exclusively with cryptocurrencies, Upbit offers the ability to deposit and withdraw funds in fiat currencies. The main fiat currency used on Upbit:

  • South Korean won (KRW): As a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, Upbit provides direct trading between KRW and a wide range of cryptocurrencies, making it particularly convenient for local users.

Importance of currency diversity

The wide selection of currencies on Upbit allows users to flexibly manage their investments and adapt to changing market trends. The variety of cryptocurrencies gives traders the opportunity to engage in a wide range of trading strategies, from long-term investments in established currencies to speculation on newer and more volatile tokens.


Upbit continues to strengthen its position as a leading cryptocurrency exchange, offering users access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies and convenient fiat money options. The variety of available currencies on Upbit not only provides convenience and flexibility for traders, but also contributes to the expansion of the global cryptocurrency community, allowing investors from different countries to effectively participate in the cryptocurrency market.

 In which countries the Upbit exchange is registered

Upbit Exchange, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the international market, offers a wide range of services for trading digital assets. Since its establishment in South Korea, Upbit has rapidly expanded its presence by entering markets in various countries. In this article, we will look at which countries Upbit exchange is registered in and what are the peculiarities of its work in each of them.

South Korea

South Korea is the home of the Upbit exchange. It was founded here in 2017 and quickly gained popularity among traders thanks to its user-friendly interface, high level of security and a wide range of available cryptocurrencies. The exchange is one of the largest in the country in terms of trading volume.

United States of America

In the United States, the exchange operates under the Upbit USA Inc. brand and offers its users access to a wide range of cryptocurrency assets. However, given the strict regulatory environment in the United States, Upbit closely follows all requirements and regulations, including those related to KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering).


Upbit has launched in Indonesia under the name PT Upbit Exchange Indonesia, offering users access to cryptocurrency trading in Indonesian rupiahs. This is a strategic move for the company in expanding its presence in Southeast Asia, given the rapid growth of interest in cryptocurrencies in the region.


Singapore is known for its favourable regulatory environment for cryptocurrency companies, making it another key market for Upbit. Here, the exchange operates in compliance with local laws and regulations, giving traders the ability to trade a variety of digital assets.


Upbit has continued its global expansion by opening an office in Thailand. In the country, the exchange offers a wide range of cryptocurrency pairs for trading, including popular coins and tokens. Operating in Thailand requires compliance with local regulations regarding the cryptocurrency market.

Common features and unique characteristics

Upbit attracts users not only with the wide range of cryptocurrency assets on offer, but also with its high level of security, including multi-factor authentication and the use of cold wallets to hold the majority of users’ funds.

The company strives to comply with local laws and regulations in each country of operation, making it one of the most trusted and respected exchanges internationally. Upbit is also actively working to improve the user experience, offering user-friendly mobile apps and support for multiple languages.

In conclusion, Upbit continues to expand its influence in the world of cryptocurrencies by offering users a safe and secure platform for trading digital assets. Through a strategic approach to global expansion and compliance with local regulatory requirements, Upbit strengthens its position as a leading international cryptocurrency exchange.

 What services Upbit exchange offers

Founded in South Korea and quickly gaining international recognition, the Upbit exchange offers a wide range of cryptocurrency services. This platform has earned the trust of users thanks to its reliability, security and innovative approaches. In this article, we will take a closer look at what services Upbit provides and what makes this exchange unique from other cryptocurrency platforms.

Cryptocurrency trading

The main service that Upbit offers is cryptocurrency trading. The platform provides access to a wide range of trading pairs, including both major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and numerous altcoins. This allows traders to diversify their investment portfolios and use different trading strategies.

Real time and high liquidity

Upbit offers its users real-time trading with high liquidity, which ensures fast order execution even with high trading volumes. This is especially important for traders seeking to maximise efficiency and minimise the risks associated with delayed order execution.


Security is a priority for Upbit. The exchange uses a multi-layered security system, including two-factor authentication, data encryption and the use of cold wallets to store a large percentage of users’ funds. These measures prevent unauthorised access and protect traders’ assets from hacker attacks.

User interface and support

Upbit offers an intuitive interface that is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. The platform also provides extensive educational resources, including guides and analysis articles that help users better understand the cryptocurrency market. In addition, Upbit has a high-quality customer support team available 24/7 to promptly address any questions or concerns.

Staking and other financial products

Upbit offers not only cryptocurrency trading, but also a number of other financial products such as staking. Users can earn passive income by holding certain cryptocurrencies in their wallets on the platform. This provides additional opportunities for investors to increase their capital.

Integration with other services

Upbit actively cooperates with various financial and technology services to provide users with improved services. For example, integration with banking systems to simplify deposit and withdrawal processes, as well as partnerships with blockchain projects to offer new tokens and ICOs.

Mobile apps

Upbit provides mobile apps for iOS and Android that allow users to manage their accounts and trade from any device. The apps are high performance, secure and provide the full range of features available on the desktop version of the platform.

In conclusion, Upbit offers a wide range of services, making it one of the most versatile and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges on the market. With its focus on security, user experience, and innovation, Upbit attracts both beginners and experienced traders looking to explore the world of cryptocurrencies.

How the Upbit exchange works

Upbit Exchange is one of the leading cryptocurrency trading platforms, providing users with a wide range of tools and opportunities to interact with the global cryptocurrency market. Since its founding in South Korea, Upbit has rapidly expanded to offer its services internationally. In this article, we will take a detailed look at how the Upbit exchange works and what technologies and principles underpin it.

Registration and verification

The first step to get started with Upbit is the account registration and verification process. Users need to provide basic personal information and go through a KYC (know your customer) process, which may include proof of identity through documents. This is necessary for regulatory compliance and security on the platform.

Interface and trading

After registration, users get access to Upbit’s trading interface, which is characterised by its convenience and intuitive structure. Traders can easily view up-to-date cryptocurrency quotes, price change charts, and use various tools to analyse the market. Trading is done through the creation of orders to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at a certain price. Upbit supports different types of orders such as limit, market and stop orders, which allows users to implement complex trading strategies.


Security is a key aspect of Upbit’s operations. The exchange uses advanced data encryption and authentication technologies, including two-factor authentication and SSL encryption. The majority of user funds are stored on cold wallets, which minimises risks in the event of cyberattacks. In addition, Upbit regularly conducts security audits with the involvement of external experts.

Fees and commissions

Upbit charges trading commissions that depend on the user’s trading volume. As a rule, commissions are competitive and comparable to other major exchanges. The platform may also charge deposit and withdrawal fees, which may vary depending on the method and currency selected.

Additional services

In addition to the main trading platform, Upbit offers a number of additional services and features. These include:

  • Cryptocurrency Staking: Users can earn interest by storing certain cryptocurrencies in their accounts.
  • API for developers: Upbit provides a powerful API to automate trading and integrate third-party applications.
  • Educational Resources: The exchange offers many guides, analysis articles and tutorials to enhance its users’ knowledge of cryptocurrencies.


Upbit is a multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange focused on providing high-quality and secure services to its users. With its user-friendly interface, wide range of available trading tools, and strict security measures, Upbit attracts both beginners and experienced traders from all over the world.

 Pros and cons of Upbit

Upbit exchange, one of the giants in the world of cryptocurrency trading, provides users with a variety of services for trading digital assets. Like any major platform, Upbit has its advantages and disadvantages that influence the choice of traders and investors. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the pros and cons of Upbit to give readers a thorough understanding of how this exchange works.

Pros of Upbit

Wide range of cryptocurrencies

Upbit offers one of the widest range of cryptocurrencies among all exchanges, making it attractive to investors interested in diversifying their investment portfolios. It gives users the opportunity to trade both popular and lesser-known altcoins.

High level of security

Upbit places great importance on the security of users’ assets, using a multi-layered security system, including two-factor authentication, data encryption and storing large amounts of assets in cold wallets. These measures reduce the risk of hacker attacks and loss of funds.

User Interface

Upbit’s interface is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use for both beginners and experienced traders. The clean design and intuitive navigation make it easy to perform all necessary operations on the platform.

Accessibility of educational resources

Upbit offers an extensive knowledge base including guides, analysis articles and tutorials to help users deepen their knowledge of cryptocurrencies and trading.

Minuses of Upbit

Regulatory constraints

Like many other cryptocurrency exchanges, Upbit faces regulatory restrictions in different countries. This may affect the availability of some services for users from certain regions and require them to undergo complex verification processes.

Variability of commissions

The commission structure on Upbit can be complicated for newcomers to understand. Trading and withdrawal fees vary by asset type and trading volume, which can be confusing for users.

Restrictions for international users

Despite its global presence, Upbit was initially targeted at the South Korean market, which may result in certain limitations for international users, including language barriers and availability of certain features.

Market volatility

While this is not unique to Upbit and is a common feature of the cryptocurrency market, volatility can significantly affect trading and investing. Users need to be prepared for sudden price changes and potential losses.


Upbit is a powerful platform for trading cryptocurrencies, offering a wide selection of assets, a high level of security, and a user-friendly interface. However, like any exchange, Upbit has its drawbacks, including regulatory restrictions and potential limitations for international users. When choosing a cryptocurrency trading exchange, it’s important to consider both pros and cons to find the platform that best suits your trading strategies and needs.

 Cost of services at Upbit

The Upbit exchange, one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms in the world, attracts users with a wide range of services and tools for trading digital assets. Understanding the fees on Upbit is a key aspect for traders and investors looking to maximise their profits and minimise costs. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the commission structure and other related costs on Upbit to provide a comprehensive understanding of the cost of using this exchange.

Trading commissions

The main source of costs for Upbit users is trading commissions. The exchange uses a volume-based model, with commissions varying depending on the type of transaction (market order or limit order) and the user’s trading volume over a certain period.

In general, trading commissions on Upbit are competitive and comparable to other major exchanges. For accurate information on current commission rates, it is recommended to contact Upbit’s official sources directly, as they may change depending on market conditions and company policies.

Fees for deposit and withdrawal of funds

In addition to trading fees, Upbit users face deposit and withdrawal fees. Depositing fees are usually nonexistent or low, but withdrawal fees can vary depending on the type of currency (fiat or cryptocurrency) and withdrawal method.

Cryptocurrency withdrawal fees are usually fixed and depend on the specific cryptocurrency. These fees are necessary to cover the costs of transactions on the blockchain. In the case of fiat withdrawals, the amount of the fee may depend on the bank or payment system chosen.

Steak and other services

Upbit also offers steaking services for certain cryptocurrencies, allowing users to earn interest on their assets. It is important to note that the exchange may charge commissions for participating in steaking programmes. The structure of these fees varies depending on the terms and conditions of a particular steaking programme.

Hidden costs and restrictions

Users should also consider potential hidden costs such as spread (the difference between buy and sell prices) and the impact of sliding (price shifts during order execution), which can affect the overall cost of trading.


It is important to remember that the commission and fee structure on Upbit may change in response to market conditions and strategic decisions of the exchange. Therefore, before trading or using any services on Upbit, it is recommended that you thoroughly familiarise yourself with the latest information on the exchange’s official website or app. This will help you avoid unexpected costs and optimise your trading strategy.

 How customer security is ensured on Upbit

Upbit, one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world, places special importance on the security of its customers and their funds. In an environment where cyber threats and fraud are real concerns, Upbit implements multiple layers of security to ensure that users’ assets and data are protected. In this article, we will look at exactly how Upbit secures its customers through various technologies and protocols.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Access to accounts on Upbit requires multi-factor authentication, which greatly enhances security by requiring the user to confirm their identity using multiple independent devices or methods. This can include a combination of password, SMS confirmation, email, and/or use of an app authenticator.

Storing assets in cold wallets

The majority of customer funds on Upbit are stored in so-called cold wallets – cryptocurrency storage devices that are not connected to the internet. This significantly reduces the risk of hackers stealing funds, as access to these wallets is physically restricted.

Data encryption

Upbit uses advanced encryption techniques to protect customers’ personal and financial data. All data transmitted between users’ devices and Upbit’s servers is encrypted, preventing it from being intercepted and read by third parties.

Intrusion detection and prevention system

Upbit uses sophisticated intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS) that monitor traffic in real time to detect and block suspicious activity or unauthorised access attempts to the platform.

Regular auditing and penetration testing

To ensure a high level of security, Upbit regularly conducts security audits and penetration testing using external experts. This helps identify and eliminate potential vulnerabilities in the exchange’s security system.

Educational resources and client awareness

Upbit is also actively working to raise security awareness among its customers. The exchange provides recommendations and training materials on how to use the platform safely, manage passwords and authentication data, and prevent phishing and other types of cyber fraud.

Responsive customer service

Upbit has a professional support team ready to respond promptly to any security questions or concerns. This provides an extra layer of protection for users, helping them to resolve issues as they arise.


Customer security is a key priority for Upbit, and the exchange takes comprehensive measures to protect the assets and data of its users. The use of multi-factor authentication, storing funds in cold wallets, using advanced encryption methods, regular security audits and active user education – all this makes Upbit one of the safest cryptocurrency trading platforms today.

 Does Upbit provide a bank card?

Upbit exchange does not provide its users with a bank card directly. Upbit is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges specialising in providing trading services for various cryptocurrencies, as well as ensuring the safety and usability of its platform for traders and investors from all over the world.

Cryptocurrency exchanges such as Upbit have traditionally focused on providing services directly related to cryptocurrencies, including trading, storage, staking and other digital asset financial products. While some cryptocurrency platforms have begun to expand their services by offering bank cards that allow users to spend their cryptocurrencies directly for everyday purchases, Upbit did not include such a service in its portfolio at the time.

Instead of issuing its own bank cards, Upbit is focused on developing its core infrastructure and offering innovative cryptocurrency solutions. This includes improving the user interface, ensuring a high level of security for users’ funds and personal data, and expanding the list of cryptocurrencies available for trading.

However, the cryptocurrency industry is developing very quickly, and companies regularly announce new products and services. Therefore, if Upbit decides to offer a bank card in the future, it will be part of the company’s strategy to expand the range of financial instruments for its users. Such a card could become a bridge between the traditional financial world and the cryptocurrency sphere, offering even more flexibility and convenience for traders and investors.

For the most up-to-date information about Upbit’s offers, including the possibility of using a bank card or other new financial products, it is recommended to visit Upbit’s official website or contact the exchange’s support team. It is also useful to follow updates on official social networks and forums, where the company can announce new services and improvements for its users.

 What is the legal name of the company Upbit ?

Upbit, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, is known by its legal name Dunamu Inc. Dunamu Inc. was founded in South Korea and began as a financial technology startup. Since then, the company has grown and expanded to become a key player in the cryptocurrency industry.

The history and development of Dunamu Inc.

Dunamu Inc. was founded in 2012 and initially focused on mobile app development and financial services. However, the company became most famous after the launch of Upbit in 2017. Since its inception, Upbit has quickly gained popularity among traders and investors due to its intuitive interface, wide range of available cryptocurrencies, and high level of security.

Features and Accomplishments of Dunamu Inc.

The key factor behind the success of Dunamu Inc. is its commitment to innovation and providing quality services to its users. The company is actively investing in developing new technologies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, as well as ensuring the security and stability of its platforms. Dunamu Inc. is also known for its work in empowering cryptocurrency trading, offering innovative solutions for investors and traders of all levels.

One of the notable initiatives of Dunamu Inc. is co-operation with other financial and technology companies, as well as participation in various partnership projects aimed at promoting blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies on a global level. The company is also actively involved in educational projects and initiatives to raise awareness about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.


Dunamu Inc. behind the Upbit exchange is demonstrating its commitment to innovation and security in the fast-growing world of cryptocurrencies. With its legal name already synonymous with reliability and quality in the industry, Dunamu Inc. continues to expand its influence and contribute to the development of the digital economy on a global level. Building on its strengths and innovative approach, the company aims to provide even greater access to cryptocurrency markets and contribute significantly to their development.

 Who is the creator of the Upbit exchange

Upbit exchange, one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms in South Korea and beyond, was created by Dunamu Inc. Sirok Kim (Song Chi-Hyung), founder and CEO of Dunamu, has been behind the success and popularity of Upbit since its launch in October 2017. With his deep knowledge of technology and entrepreneurship, Sirok Kim has played a key role in the development of Upbit and its growth to become one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

The background and founding of Upbit

Prior to founding Upbit, Sirok Kim already had a track record of running successful businesses, including launching various tech and financial startups. His company Dunamu was primarily known for StockPlus, a mobile investment service that allowed many South Koreans access to the equity market. Inspired by the opportunities presented by blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, Kim decided to expand his business into this new field, which led to the creation of Upbit.

The development and success of Upbit

Since its launch, Upbit has seen rapid growth, quickly becoming one of the leading cryptocurrency trading volume platforms in South Korea. The main factors behind Upbit’s success include a user-friendly and intuitive user interface, a wide range of available cryptocurrencies and, most importantly, a high level of security.

Thanks to its focus on security and user convenience, as well as its active co-operation with global partners, including US exchange Bittrex, Upbit has been able to provide its users with access to a wide range of cryptocurrency pairs for trading, further strengthening its position in the market.

Sirok Kim’s contribution to the cryptocurrency industry

Sirok Kim is considered one of the key figures in the South Korean cryptocurrency industry, and his contribution to the development of this sphere can hardly be overestimated. Under his leadership, Upbit has not only achieved significant success in the domestic market, but also actively expanded its presence in the international arena, striving to become a global player in the world of cryptocurrencies.


The creation of Upbit and its success is the result of Sirok Kim’s entrepreneurial acumen and innovative approach. His vision to transform the financial industry through blockchain and cryptocurrencies has played a key role in the development of Upbit as one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. By continuing to introduce new technologies and enhance the user experience, Upbit, under Sirok Kim’s leadership, remains at the forefront of innovation in the cryptocurrency industry.

 In which countries does Upbit have a licence

Upbit, one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms based in South Korea, is actively expanding its presence in the international cryptocurrency market. Obtaining licences in various countries is a key aspect of its globalisation strategy, as this not only helps legalise its operations in these regions, but also builds trust among users and investors. In this article, we will look at which countries Upbit has obtained licences in and what features of cryptocurrency regulation exist in these regions.

South Korea

In South Korea, Upbit operates under the jurisdiction of local regulators and is considered one of the first licensed cryptocurrency exchanges in the country. Korea has established strict regulations for cryptocurrency transactions, including anti-money laundering (AML) and customer identification (KYC) requirements. These measures are aimed at increasing the transparency of cryptocurrency transactions and protecting investors.

United States of America

Although Upbit does not directly provide its services in the United States, its partner Bittrex, an American cryptocurrency exchange, holds the necessary licences and is regulated by the relevant US authorities. The partnership between Upbit and Bittrex allows for the provision of services to traders in compliance with U.S. law.


In Indonesia, Upbit operates under the Upbit Indonesia brand, having obtained a licence from the Indonesian regulator Bappebti. This enables the company to legally offer its services on the Indonesian market, which is one of the most promising cryptocurrency markets in Southeast Asia.


Upbit has expanded its presence in Asia by obtaining a licence to operate in Singapore. The country is known for its favourable attitude towards financial technology and cryptocurrencies, offering a clear and stable regulatory environment for cryptocurrency companies.


The exchange has also obtained a licence in Thailand, allowing it to operate in the Thai market in accordance with local legal requirements. Thailand has made significant progress in regulating the cryptocurrency industry in recent years, setting clear rules for exchanges and traders.


Obtaining licences in various countries underscores Upbit’s commitment to expanding its global presence and providing quality services in compliance with local regulatory requirements. This not only strengthens the company’s position in the international market, but also provides additional safety and security guarantees for its users. The regulation of cryptocurrency operations in different countries continues to evolve, and Upbit is likely to look for opportunities to obtain new licences and expand its influence in other regions.

Dunamu Inc.

Dunamu Inc. is a leading financial technology company in South Korea, providing a wide range of services and products for investors and traders. In this article we will look at the main aspects of the company, its history, its contribution to market development and its key products and services.

  1. An overview of Dunamu Inc.

Dunamu Inc. was founded in 2012 and has become one of the most innovative financial technology companies in South Korea. It is registered as a limited liability company and is headquartered in Seoul.

  1. history of development

Dunamu Inc. began by launching a popular cryptocurrency exchange called Upbit, which quickly became one of the largest and most liquid in South Korea. The company then expanded its operations to include the development of new financial products and technologies.

  1. Products and Services

One of the key products of Dunamu Inc. is the cryptocurrency exchange Upbit, which provides the opportunity to trade various digital assets. In addition, the company offers such services as market analytics, trader training, investment funds, and more.

  1. Innovation and Contribution to Market Development

Dunamu Inc. actively introduces new technologies and innovative solutions to improve the experience of its users. The company is also involved in various research projects and startups, contributing to the development of the financial technology ecosystem in South Korea and beyond.

  1. Partnerships and Co-operation

Dunamu Inc. actively collaborates with other companies and organisations, both at home and abroad, to expand its business and provide new opportunities for its customers. Partnerships enable the company to strengthen its market leadership and introduce new products and services.


Dunamu Inc. continues to be a leading innovative leader in financial technology in South Korea, providing state-of-the-art solutions and services to its customers. With a constant focus on development and innovation, the company continues to play a key role in the development of the financial market in the region and in the global financial technology industry.

This article provides an overview of Dunamu Inc.’s operations, history, key products and services, and its contribution to the financial technology market in South Korea.

 Upbit Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Upbit Singapore Pte. Ltd. – is a subsidiary of the Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit, based in Singapore. In this article, we will look at the main aspects of the company, its role in the cryptocurrency market in Singapore and the services it provides.

  1. An overview of Upbit Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Upbit Singapore Pte. Ltd. was founded with the aim of providing quality cryptocurrency trading services within Singapore. The company is licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), which provides its clients with a high level of safety and security.

  1. Services and Products

Upbit Singapore offers a wide range of services including:

  • Cryptocurrency trading: The company provides the ability to trade various cryptocurrencies on its platform using various trading pairs.
  • Secure Asset Storage: Upbit Singapore ensures the safe storage of its clients’ cryptocurrency assets with advanced storage technology and multi-layered security.
  • Analytics and Education: The company provides its users with access to analytics and educational resources to help them make informed decisions about cryptocurrencies.
  1. Regulation and Safety

Upbit Singapore strictly complies with regulatory requirements and has high security standards. The company uses advanced encryption and data protection technologies to ensure the privacy and security of its customers.

  1. Partnerships and Co-operation

Upbit Singapore actively partners with other companies and organisations in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology industry to expand its business and provide new opportunities for customers. Partnerships help the company stay at the forefront of the industry.


Upbit Singapore Pte. Ltd. plays an important role in the cryptocurrency market in Singapore by providing high-quality trading and secure digital asset storage services to its customers. With strict regulatory compliance and high security standards, the company continues to earn the trust of its users and expand its business in pursuit of further success.

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