Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah Casino Slot – History of the Game

Mega Moolah casino slot – history of the game

The Mega Moolah slot machine, owned by one of the world’s most renowned software developers for Microgaming online casino, is the first in the modern market to feature four progressive jackpots simultaneously.

The casino first placed the slot in November 2006. It became popular quite quickly: users repeatedly picked it for the game – the ability to hit the jackpot, the size of a few million dollars, turned their heads. It is currently listed in the Book of Records as an online slot that has won the highest $17.8 million in online casino history.

To play today in Mega Moolah it is enough to find a platform where the game developer «Microgaming» is presented, and to register on its official website. The desktop version of this game is as popular as its mobile version. In our article we will tell you about this slot, its specifics, winning lines and bonus games.

Microgaming: About the developer «Mega Mula»


If you have ever played for money or for free at an online casino, you must have met the Microgaming brand of the same name gambling software provider. The slots of this manufacturer are well known to every experienced gambler. The company started developing casino software back in 1994. Over the long period of existence:

  • became the first provider to open its own gambling establishment
  • has launched more than a thousand video slots, translated into dozens of languages
  • created software that is actively operated by hundreds of online sites
  • hit the Book of Records – the company is mentioned in the record with the biggest win on the online slot

Monthly «Microgaming» will present new slot machines, characterized by chic animation, perfectly executed three-dimensional graphics, a variety of features and bonus games, and beautiful thematic music. The catalog of software manufacturers is really huge. It is not accidental in many developer ratings; it occupies the first place for decades.


Microgaming machines are incredibly generous. If you look at recent statistics, you can see that only in slots with progressive jackpots in the form of winnings of different sizes, the company paid about 650 million euros. Companies (and their games, respectively) can be trusted because:

  • the manufacturer is active in the European market;
  • provides establishments with certified, licensed software, regularly audited by independent English and Maltese Commissions;
  • guarantees a good return of up to 96.5%;
  • uses innovative technologies to create quality software.

Slots of this manufacturer do not need to be downloaded. Most of them were created using HTML5, a format that allows games to run directly in the browser regardless of what brand and model of computer or phone the end user of the product has.

Themes and graphics of Mega Moolah

Mega MulaMega Moolah is over 17 years old. Of course, it can not compare with the mega-modern 3D-slots of the new generation – more belongs to the category of «retro». But this classic has its own unique charm. The slot consists of five spinning reels arranged in three lines. The winning lines are 25. The player chooses the number of lines to bet.

The machine is decorated in bright, warm colours. Its main theme – a real desert safari. For this reason, the developer uses the African world of animals as game symbols: monkeys, zebras, lions, elephants, antelopes and giraffes. The graphics feature animation elements. For example, if a lion appears on the display in the active combination, it starts to roar.

The music in the game sounds unobtrusive: the player will hear light African melodies and «sounds of the jungle». Winning lines are supported by a solemn signal.

The volatility of the machine is low, and its RTP varies between 94-96% – for a progressive jackpot slot it is quite a large percentage.

Advantages of the Mega Moolah Video Slot

Players choose «Mega Mula» for games because:

  • The slot features exciting gameplay. It will never be boring – the game is drawn from the first bet.
  • Return rates are high enough. Even players who have never won the jackpot note that simple wins can raise the deposit to a good level.
  • The rules of the game are extremely simple. There are no hundreds of symbols, nuances in the rules, complex bonuses. Learn to play the machine and understand how it works, you can in the minimum time.
  • The game has a lot of positive emotions. It’s just as important to the gambler as the chance to win big.

Description and symbols of Mega Moolah

As we mentioned earlier, this online slot game features five reels. The maximum number of winning lines is 25, but the user can bet by reducing this number. The smaller the lines, the less chance to win, but the minimum bet will be reduced, which will certainly suit players who want to play as long as possible, but are not ready to contribute too much personal money.

You can bet 1 cent per payline (or the equivalent in another currency). The maximum bet (per line) is 5 cents. You can bet no more than 125 cents per spin using all lines.

«Mega Mulu» is rightly called the revolutionary online slot manufacturer Microgaming, as it contained not one, but several progressive jackpots and, accordingly, many new ways to get payouts.

As symbols, it uses honorary trophies of classical African safari. In addition to these, you can see playing cards – 10, Jacks, Ladies, Kings and Aces. Wins are distributed as follows:

  • «ten» gives 40 coins as a card;
  • Jack as a card – 60 coins;
  • Queen will allow you to receive 75 coins;
  • King of the deck – 100 coins;
  • 150 coins for an ace.

Animal symbols help you win bigger prizes:

  • 250 coins for zebra in combination of winning line;
  • 400 coins for an antelope;
  • 500 coins for the giraffe;
  • 600 coins for the buffalo;
  • 750 for an elephant.

The monkey in the game slot performs the role of «scatter». It can form additional winning combinations that do not fit into fixed lines. When three, four, or five monkeys are drawn, the player receives an amount of up to x100 of the original bet. It is also included in the free spins bonus game.

The lion belongs to the category of «wild» symbol. It can replace any of the icons in the line to get the winning combination.

Bonus game

A simple bonus game with free spins is triggered every time three or more Monkey Scatters are combined. If you land more than two wilds (a lion) in an active line, you can expect to win more. For two lions, the player gets 15 coins, for three – 125. Four lions will bring 1500 coins, but five – 15 thousand.

But of course, no bonus game of this machine is comparable to the mega-bonus game, where there is a chance to hit the jackpot. The bonus round can appear at any time, regardless of which symbols appear when the reels spin.

The amount of the progressive jackpot depends only on what bet was made by the player at the time of the mega bonus round. If you played on maxbet, you will see a huge wheel of fortune. If you spin it, wait for the arrow to stop – it will determine which sector you will go to.

The white segment offers the highest progressive jackpot, which has never been below 1 million. If the arrow is left in another colour, you will receive one of the other progressive jackpots.

There are four progressive jackpots. Its uniqueness is that immediately after winning, the slot counter does not fall to zero (as in most other progressive gambling games), but is set at a certain level. Accordingly, winning won’t prevent another player also becoming a millionaire. The progressive jackpots are distributed as follows, at the very beginning of growth:

  • 10 dollars;
  • 100 dollars;
  • 10,000 dollars;
  • 1,000,000 dollars;

Free Spins feature in Mega Moolah

To get into the free spins round, as we said above, it is enough to collect at least three scatters on the display at the same time. Their position on the screen is irrelevant if you expect a simple increase in payouts.

However, in order to play the bonus game with the 15th Free Spins, it is necessary that the «monkeys» appear on one of the active paylines.

The nice thing is that collecting the winning combination during the free spin allows you to triple the amount that is credited to the account. Participation in such a game allows you to significantly increase the deposit for withdrawal or continuation of the game.

If the Scatters are re-aligned during the free spins, the bonus game will automatically restart. It happens that players manage to spin the reels for free for 30 and 45 consecutive times.


Playing the Mega Moolah slot machine from Microgaming often brings users who cherish the dream of winning the jackpot, and it is not a pipe dream as the slot has made millionaires more than 30 players.

However, it wasn’t just the cumulative jackpot that made it so popular in online casinos. It itself is interesting, often turns out to be profitable, and allows you to quickly learn the gameplay: memorize the values of symbols and special icons.

Users praise the machine for regularly winning bonus games with free spins, good returns and simple control.

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