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How to Start a Crypto Betting Platform and grow up in betting business

With the rise of blockchain technology and the growing popularity of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, traditional online gambling platforms and betting activities have been evolving into cutting-edge experiences. An increasing number of entrepreneurs are viewing crypto betting platforms as a way to access tech-savvy players with considerable spending power. However, starting and operating a crypto betting platform involves understanding regulatory compliance and technical expertise. If you’re interested in tapping into the potential of this emerging niche, make some time to learn about its key aspects as we discuss the most noteworthy information that may determine your path to success.

What Is a Crypto Betting Platform?

A crypto betting platform is an online platform that allows users to place bets using cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple, instead of traditional fiat currencies like dollars or euros. These platforms leverage blockchain technology to facilitate secure, transparent, and decentralized betting experiences. On a crypto betting platform, users can wager their cryptocurrencies on various events, outcomes, or predictions, just like traditional sports or event betting. Examples of the types of bets that users can place on a crypto betting platform include moneyline bets, spread bets, total bets, futures bets, and cryptocurrency price predictions.

Many crypto betting platforms utilize smart contracts, which are self-executing contracts with the terms of the bet encoded in code. When a user places a bet, a smart contract is created, detailing the terms of the bet and the associated cryptocurrency wager. When the event takes place and the outcome is determined, the smart contract’s code automatically evaluates the result. If the user’s prediction is correct, the smart contract releases the payout to their account.

Crypto Betting Market

The crypto betting market is a dynamic and ever-evolving sector that merges the excitement of betting with the potential of cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-based products and services. With a diverse range of audiences, user-friendly interfaces, and innovative features, these online betting software platforms are reshaping the way individuals engage in wagering activities. As the market continues to mature, responsible practices, regulatory adherence, and ongoing innovation will play pivotal roles in determining the future of this niche.

The crypto betting market already presents an array of platforms catering to different niches and audiences. From traditional sports fans to esports enthusiasts, cryptocurrency traders to political experts, these platforms span a wide spectrum of markets. This diverse offering emphasizes the versatility of crypto betting platforms, appealing to a range of interests within the crypto community and anyone looking to create an online casino or find secure and innovative betting sites. The best and most trusted crypto betting platforms of 2023 include Ignition, BitStarz, Bovada, and Mega Dice. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of room for new crypto betting businesses that excel in the quality of services and innovation.

As competition in the online gambling business and crypto betting platform market intensifies, operators are investing in user experience and innovative features to stand out. Intuitive interfaces, live betting options, and the incorporation of gamification elements enhance user engagement and create immersive betting experiences. Additionally, the integration of decentralized finance (DeFi) concepts, such as yield farming and staking, is adding an extra layer of innovation to certain platforms, attracting users with additional ways to earn rewards beyond traditional betting.

Despite its potential, the crypto betting platform market also has challenges. Regulatory compliance remains of paramount importance, with different jurisdictions imposing varying degrees of oversight on start gambling business activities. Ensuring the security of user funds and data is also crucial, as any vulnerabilities can lead to significant financial and reputational damage.

Finding the right balance between innovation and responsible gambling is another challenge that operators must address to safeguard users’ well-being and the reputation of the regulators. Our team of lawyers here at Regulated United Europe can help you navigate all the legal intricacies of launching and running a sports betting business or a crypto betting platform in a way that ensures the continuous growth of your business.

Advantages of a Crypto Betting Platform

Running a crypto betting platform offers plenty of considerable advantages that are mostly related to the integration of software for betting business and blockchain technology. They make crypto betting platforms a viable new business area with immense growth potential in the future-oriented Web3 (i.e. the third-generation internet) realm where users prioritize decentralization.

The key advantages of operating a crypto betting platform are as follows:

  • Cryptocurrencies are borderless and can be accessed by users from around the world which allows crypto betting platforms to tap into a global audience without the constraints of traditional fiat currencies
  • Cryptocurrency transactions often have lower fees compared to traditional payment methods, which can lead to cost savings for both users and the betting platform operator
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are processed quickly, enabling users to deposit funds and place bets almost instantly which reduces friction and enhances user experience
  • Blockchain technology provides a transparent and tamper-proof ledger of all transactions which enhances trust among users and eliminates concerns about fraudulent activities
  • Depending on the platform’s setup, users can potentially bet anonymously, adding an extra layer of privacy to their activities
  • Crypto betting platforms often incorporate innovative features, such as decentralized governance, and token-based incentives which can attract users looking for cutting-edge experiences
  • Integrating gamification elements into the platform, such as leaderboards, challenges, and rewards, can enhance user engagement and retention
  • Some platforms explore decentralized models where users can act as bookmakers, set odds, and create their own betting markets which empowers users and adds a layer of decentralization to the gambling as a business platform, as well as contributes to the expanding Web3 creator economy
  • Platforms can create their own utility tokens, rewarding users for participating in the platform, placing bets, referring friends, and more

Ways of Launching a Crypto Betting Platform or Online gambling business

If you’re interested in how to start an online gambling business or crypto betting platform, it can be launched and run through two main approaches – by developing a proprietary platform or acquiring a white label solution. Each approach has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on your business goals, resources, technical expertise, and timeline.

The main advantages of developing a proprietary crypto betting platform are as follows:

  • You would have complete control over the platform’s features, design, and functionality which means you could tailor it to match your vision and unique brand identity
  • A proprietary platform would allow you to stand out in a competitive market by offering completely unique features and user experiences
  • You could build the platform’s architecture to scale according to your needs, accommodating growth and increasing user traffic
  • You would have direct control over security measures and would be able to implement robust encryption and safety protocols
  • You would own the platform and could make updates, enhancements, and modifications as needed

The main disadvantages of developing a proprietary crypto betting platform are as follows:

  • It requires significant time and financial investment as it involves hiring a development team, testing, and ongoing maintenance
  • You would need technical expertise in blockchain, cryptocurrency integration, and platform development which would require hiring technical specialists
  • Custom development carries the risk of bugs, glitches, and unforeseen technical challenges that may affect the launch timeline

The main advantages of opting for a white label crypto betting platform are as follows:

  • White label solutions are pre-built platforms that you can customize and launch quickly, reducing development time and costs
  • You wouldn’t need an extensive technical team as the core platform is already developed which would allow you to focus on customization and marketing
  • White label solutions often come with established technology and features that have been tested in the market
  • Many white label solutions offer regulatory compliance features which would help you navigate legal complexities more easily
  • You could enter the market faster, taking advantage of current trends and user demand

The main disadvantages of opting for a white label crypto betting platform are as follows:

  • While white label solutions can be customized to some extent, you might have limitations in terms of design and unique features
  • Your platform might resemble others that use the same white label solution, making it harder to stand out
  • Your platform’s success would be partially reliant on the white label provider’s technology and ongoing support
  • You might face challenges if you need to implement major changes or upgrades tailored to your unique needs as you don’t have full control of the platform

You should note that our team here at Regulated United Europe can assist you in launching a crypto betting platform in either of the ways. We specialize in incorporating companies, obtaining gambling and crypto licenses, and finding the best white label crypto betting platform providers across Europe and beyond. We can offer viable and cost-effective solutions to startups, small businesses, and mature companies.

How Are Crypto Betting Businesses Regulated?

When preparing to launch a crypto betting platform or figuring out how to make a gambling website, it’s essential to take the time to examine and fully understand the legal and regulatory requirements for operating a betting platform in the chosen jurisdictions in order to ensure compliance with national legislation. It’s important to note that the regulation of crypto betting platforms varies significantly from one jurisdiction to another, as it involves a complex combination of gambling regulations, financial laws, and the specific legal status of cryptocurrencies.

Many countries require betting platforms, whether traditional or crypto-based, to obtain licenses to operate legally. These licenses are typically issued by gambling regulatory authorities. Depending on the jurisdiction, there might be specific licenses for online gambling, sports betting, and other types of betting activities. Moreover, for those looking to create a gambling website, crypto betting platforms must adhere to local regulations regarding the use, exchange, and trading of cryptocurrencies, which may require a separate crypto license.

While many countries have been regulating gambling activities for decades, the regulatory frameworks for blockchain-based businesses are either emerging or absent. The EU is at the forefront of trying to consolidate crypto regulations across member countries in order to ensure transparency and clarity for businesses, as well as the protection of investors. The principal crypto regulatory framework across the EU is Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA) which addresses various aspects, ranging from the classification of tokens employed in the context of crypto betting platforms to stipulations for token issuers and guidelines for service providers. Other regions and individual jurisdictions (e.g. Curaçao) don’t have any crypto regulatory framework in place which provides more flexibility to those who’re looking to test their business idea.

Many jurisdictions enforce national AML/CFT regulations, especially on those dealing with cryptocurrencies. Crypto betting operators usually have to cooperate with Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) whose responsibility is to examine suspicious transaction reports, including money laundering information, as well as act on them. Many jurisdictions follow the guidance provided by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an intergovernmental authority that sets standards to help countries develop and update their laws to combat money laundering and terrorism financing.

Another commonly regulated area is responsible gambling. Responsible gambling regulations aim to ensure that individuals engage in gambling activities in a safe and controlled manner, mitigating potential harms associated with excessive gambling. These regulations span various jurisdictions and are designed to promote player protection, discourage underage gambling, and offer support to those who might develop gambling-related issues. For those interested in how to create a gambling website, key aspects of these regulations include mandatory age verification, self-exclusion options, and responsible advertising practices.

Crypto betting platforms must adhere to data protection and privacy laws, ensuring the secure handling of user data and sensitive information. Businesses operating within the EU are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which provides the basis to create consistency in the application of data protection law across the member states in order to implement appropriate security measures in relation to data collection and processing. Other regions and countries have their own but often with similar intent data protection laws. For instance, after Brexit, the UK introduced its own data protection legislation, the Data Protection Act 2018, that builds upon GDPR principles. In essence, it establishes provisions for data protection, individual rights, and enforcement.

The Best Jurisdictions for a Crypto Betting Platform

Curaçao is a well-known hub for online gambling and offers a relatively streamlined process for obtaining a gambling license. The Curaçao eGaming Licensing Authority provides licenses for various types of online gambling activities, including those involving cryptocurrencies. The jurisdiction is favored for its straightforward regulatory framework, favorable tax policies, and established reputation in the online gambling industry. Since Curaçao provides a relatively low barrier to entry, it’s especially popular among startups and small businesses.

Malta has established itself as a cryptocurrency and blockchain-friendly jurisdiction. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) oversees the regulation of gaming and betting activities, including those involving cryptocurrencies. Malta’s regulatory environment, combined with its proactive approach to blockchain and cryptocurrency, makes it an attractive option for crypto betting platforms. However, due to the stringent license application and ongoing compliance requirements, Malta is mostly available to mature gambling businesses and those who have experience in how to start an online gambling business, as they should be capable of implementing robust internal processes, raising considerable capital, as well as paying steep application and supervision fees.

Costa Rica is also favored by various online gambling operators and those who want to start their own online gambling business. While it doesn’t have a specific regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, it has been used by some crypto betting platforms due to its low licensing requirements and advantageous tax regime. The costs associated with obtaining a gambling license in Costa Rica are often lower compared to more established jurisdictions, and it doesn’t impose taxes on gambling income generated outside the country.

Legal Requirements for Crypto Betting Business

In order to start a crypto betting platform in your chosen jurisdiction, you’ll most likely have to incorporate a local company that possesses the minimum required capital. The most favorable jurisdictions for gambling businesses usually have streamlined incorporation processes, however, the preparation of the required documents can be time-consuming and may require legal expertise which is where our team of experienced corporate lawyers can help you.

Since in many countries, crypto betting platforms are regulated businesses in accordance with gambling legislation, your newly established company, especially if you’re considering how to make a betting website, will most likely have to apply for a gambling license that can be issued either specifically for a crypto betting platform or for all gambling activities. Some jurisdictions may also require you to obtain a crypto license under relevant crypto regulations. We specialize in obtaining both types of licenses – gambling, and crypto – and can guide you through the processes of finding and implementing the best solution.

While eligibility criteria for license applicants vary from country to country, most likely, it’s important to fulfill the following legal requirements:

  • Many jurisdictions have specific capital requirements that can vary widely
  • The company’s shareholders and directors must be fit and proper which involves possessing relevant experience and having no criminal records
  • It’s mandatory to create and implement internal AML/CFT processes that help combat money laundering and terrorist financing by monitoring client transactions, training staff, and reporting suspicious transactions to appropriate authorities
  • It’s mandatory to create and implement appropriate responsible gambling procedures that include the option to set limits on deposits and bets, self-exclusion from the platform, and session reminders
  • It’s mandatory to draft comprehensive terms and conditions that outline user rights and responsibilities, platform rules, dispute resolution processes, and more
  • It’s mandatory to establish a process for handling customer complaints and resolving disputes in a fair and timely manner
  • It’s mandatory to ensure that payment processing mechanisms are compliant with financial regulations in your jurisdiction

The following documents are usually required to apply for a crypto betting, or gambling, license:

  • Company incorporation documents (Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association)
  • Notarized photocopies of passports of shareholders, directors, and other key personnel
  • Proof of residential addresses of shareholders, directors, and other key personnel
  • Proof of the company’s registered address within the chosen jurisdiction
  • A detailed business plan involving every aspect of the crypto betting business
  • Evidence of financial stability and transferred initial capital
  • Certificates of no criminal records of the shareholders, directors, and other key personnel
  • Well-documented internal processes concerning AML/CFT, responsible gambling, data protection, and other regulated processes
  • Technical specifications of the crypto betting platform
  • Descriptions and rules of crypto bets to be offered
  • Marketing plan, aligned with relevant advertising regulations

How to Apply for a Crypto Betting License

The process of obtaining a crypto betting license is a crucial step for any company seeking to establish and operate a legitimate and compliant crypto betting platform. Whether pursuing licenses from renowned jurisdictions with established regulatory frameworks or exploring newer options that regulate or at least permit emerging technologies, understanding the crypto betting license application process is essential to ensure a platform’s compliance and credibility.

Usually, the following key steps should be taken to apply for a crypto betting, or gambling, license:

  • Fit and Proper tests to be taken by shareholders and directors
  • The preparation of the required documents
  • The transfer of required license application fees
  • The submission of an application form along with the documents to the regulatory authority of the chosen jurisdiction
  • Testing the gaming software, RNGs, and other technical components
  • Attending face-to-face meetings with the regulatory authority to discuss the business model and scope

If you wish to start a gambling business, including a crypto betting platform, our team here at Regulated United Europe will be delighted to support you in incorporating a company and applying for necessary gambling licenses. With dedicated legal advisors, tax experts, and financial accountants at your side, you will find the processes of launching a crypto betting platform easy, frictionless, and transparent. Contact us now to schedule a personalized consultation and set the stage for long-lasting success.

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