High-Risk Business Bank Account

As an owner of a high-risk business, navigating the banking landscape can be daunting. Traditional banks often shy away from high-risk bank accounts due to the perceived challenges and risks.

But don’t worry, RUE (Regulated United Europe) stands ready to bridge this gap. Our dedicated professionals excel in connecting high-risk businesses with banks that specialize in high-risk banking products, ensuring your venture has the financial backbone it needs to thrive.

High Risk Business Bank Account

1. Crypto Business Bank Account

The crypto business is a quintessential example of a high-risk sector struggling to secure banking partnerships.

RUE is at the forefront of solving this issue by facilitating the opening of high-risk business bank accounts tailored for the crypto realm. Our expertise and resources are pivotal in guiding you towards a high-risk bank willing to accommodate your unique banking needs.

2. Gambling Bank Account

gambling bank accountThe gambling sector’s banking challenges are well-documented, with many institutions hesitant to offer high-risk checking accounts.

RUE (Regulated United Europe) specializes in this niche, offering unparalleled assistance in securing gambling bank accounts from high-risk banks that understand and cater to your industry’s specific requirements.

3. High Risk Merchant Account

For high-risk merchants, finding suitable payment processing solutions is often a Herculean task.

RUE’s suite of high-risk merchant account solutions is designed to address this, allowing for global customer payments and efficient transaction management. Whether you’re in crypto, gaming, or another high-risk sector, our experts can guide you to the ideal high-risk business bank account.

4. High Risk Payment Gateway

Secure and reliable high-risk payment gateways are crucial for high-risk industries to process customer payments safely. International Banking – International Accounts Group by RUE offers top-tier high-risk banking products, including payment gateways that ensure your transactions are secure and trustworthy, backed by our deep understanding of high-risk banking.

Pre-Approval for High-Risk Banking Success

High Risk Business Bank Account PRE-APPROVAL –  is a unique opportunity to obtain from our carefully selected banks for your prior consent or refusal to consider the full set of documents for opening your company account. It is a strategic service for high-risk accounts in banking, offering a preliminary bank assessment before the full documentation review. This service significantly benefits high-risk sectors like cryptocurrency, gambling, and others by providing a clearer path towards securing a bank account for high-risk businesses.

In this case, any answer of the bank – positive or negative, you will win. In case of prior consent, you will be able to start preparing documents for opening an account. Of course, the prior agreement does not give 100% guarantee that the account will be opened, as the final decision of the Compliance department of the bank will take only after receiving the full set of documents for the opening, however, the probability increases manifold, as the bank has already approved your business model based on the information about you as a beneficiary. In case of refusal, you will be able to switch to other European banks offered by our specialist and not spend your time waiting for the completion of the procedure of the package of documents for the opening and funds for the certification of a set of documents for the company and their bank shipment. The review of the submitted documents may take more than one month, and the period of certification on your documents (three months from the receipt) will expire.

Who is recommended to use the PRE-APPROVAL service?

The PRE-APPROVAL service is a cornerstone for businesses navigating the complexities of high-risk banking relationships. It serves as a beacon for those whose operations are often viewed with caution by traditional financial institutions. This tailored service is designed for entities within sectors that are typically categorized as high risk by banks, highlighting the necessity of specialized banking solutions.

The use and payment of PRE-APPROVAL service is recommended for companies with the following activities:

  • Trading and Trading with Crypto Currencies. Businesses involved in trading, including the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, require a high-risk business bank account that understands the nuances of such transactions.
  • Gambling (online casino/betting/poker rooms, etc.). From online casinos to betting platforms and poker rooms, these operations benefit from high-risk checking accounts that cater to their specific financial activities.
  • Industry «for adults»/Adult. A sector where the financial dealings are often considered high risk, necessitating banks that specialize in high-risk accounts in banking.
  • Trading activities (currency transactions/securities/binary options). This includes businesses engaged in currency transactions, securities, and binary options, which require a high-risk merchant account to facilitate their operations.
  • Trading in drag.metals/drag.stones. Companies trading in valuable commodities need a bank account for high-risk business to support their high-value transactions.
  • Investment activities. High-risk investment activities demand a banking partner willing to provide high-risk banking products tailored to their needs.
  • Companies dealing with cash on a large scale
  • Business related to the latest technologies (incl. IT business)

The PRE-APPROVAL service is invaluable for business leaders who prioritize efficiency and clarity in their banking relationships. Those with clear, legitimate business models, who value their time and resources, will find this service particularly beneficial in securing a high-risk bank account.

The use and payment of PRE-APPROVAL service is also desirable for those executives and individuals who, having a transparent and understandable business model or type of income, value their time and means. Such customers usually seek to make sure that they are the desired customer in the selected bank before starting the account opening procedure, prepare/certify/forward the full set of company documents and pay for account opening in full.

The use and payment of the PRE-APPROVAL service will be useful if you have chosen any bank independently, without taking into account the recommendations of our consultants, and want to make sure of the possibility of opening an account in it. This service is applicable also to those banks with which our company does not cooperate, as the procedure of opening an account with the European Bank is quite identical.


Compliance of foreign banks follows the procedures of KYC, AML. For cooperation to be successful, it is necessary to know what compliance is paying attention to. Some aspects will be presented below:

Business Activities – it is important for a bank to understand what kind of business a company does. To understand this, you will need to provide: a full description of the enterprise, a list of contractors, partnership agreements, the history of the creation of the website.

Relation to business – compliance of a foreign bank must check all persons related to the company: director, beneficiary, accountant, trustee.  The purpose of such verification is to exclude negative reputations, involvement in fraud, etc.

Availability of financial and accounting reports – timely submission of necessary reports, audit – 2 advantages when opening a corporate bank account abroad.

Taxes – the payment of tax obligations serves as confirmation of the transparency of business.

Substance – Foreign banks pay special attention to the real presence of the company. In many cases, Substance is a prerequisite for starting a partnership. But it is not always the business of a legal person that requires an office. For example, the programmer is operating from home and his entire team is also working remotely. In this case, you should explain how business processes.

Counterparties, business partners of a legal entity – at the moment of opening a corporate account in a foreign bank, the bank has the right to request all information of interest in the partners of the company, the contracts in force, under what circumstances, when the cooperation began. Long-term cooperation is a guarantee of reliability of potential clients.

The purpose of opening a corporate account – the goal of business is one: to simplify international settlements with partners. Be prepared to explain: how currency payments will be processed, to which countries, in what currency, what amounts.

RUE (Regulated United Europe) is adept at guiding high-risk businesses through the intricate process of establishing banking relationships that recognize and cater to the specialized needs of high-risk industries. Our commitment to facilitating access to high-risk bank products and accounts underscores our understanding of the challenges and opportunities within these dynamic sectors.

Assistance to open an account for high-risk company 2,000 EUR

“Our team is at the forefront of solving this issue by facilitating the opening of high-risk business bank accounts tailored for the high-risk realm. Our expertise and resources are pivotal in guiding you towards a high-risk bank willing to accommodate your unique banking needs.”

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